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Many people nowadays believe that marketing can easily be done through and then earn money from it. By sending our tweets to thousands of followers in one simple click, there should be no other marketing tools on the internet can be as easy to use as Twitter. In order to get maximum exposure for your products, and let the people from whole over the world know what you are doing or selling, you have to try your best to get as many followers as possible. Therefore, you can find a lot of Twitter software and applications nowadays which are mainly focus on getting Twitter followers fast and easy. However, are these software really help? My answer is NO.

To me, it is really not difficult to get thousands of followers on Twitter. The idea is very simple, you just have to take the first step yourself by following other people first, and wait for them to follow you back. Almost all of the Twitter software and application are doing the same thing. They help you to follow other people automatically, and after some time, they will help you to unfollow those people who are not following back. By using software, those who will follow you back are mostly software users as well. They are not the people who really engaged to Twitter, and will not read your tweets. Thus, need not to hope that they will buy products from you, or recommended by you.

In order to get more real followers on Twitter, one of the most important things that you have to learn is how to improve your follow back rate. If you are following 100 people, you should be able to attract 80% or more people to follow back, no matter if they are using software or not. If your follow back rate is high, it simply means that most of your followers love you, or they have interest on you. This can effectively reduce your risk of being flagged or suspended by (If you simply bulk follow all the people, they may report you as spam, and will take action by suspending your account) By improving your follow back rate, you can actually save your time to unfollow them also. Finally, you can have more followers, instead of following. And the major success here is that your followers are your real potential customers who have strong interest on you or your business.

There is one of the most important, yet the easiest way that can boost up your follow back rate is by managing your Twitter account profile properly. Try to get a professional look Twitter background which can represent yourself or your business clearly. You can either pay a little buck for a professional Twitter background design or get it for free from some websites. Your Twitter background will help to promote your business to your followers who click on your profile. The next thing is about your personal profile and information on Twitter account. The real photo of you, simple description about yourself, your real name, your website, your interest, your location and other more information can be very helpful to attract more people to follow you back. The more trustful personal information you give, the more likely you will get more followers, because they know your sincerity of wanting to be friends with them on Twitter. However, do not ever giveaway your confidential information such as your bank account number or password to anybody on the internet.

People follow you because they want to interact with you, or for certain reason. In order to attract more people to follow you, you have give informative or attractive tweets. Before a real person click the follow button of you, he will read your tweets. Your tweets will represent your purpose on Twitter. There are many types of tweets that can attract different group of people to follow you. However, there is one type of tweet which you must avoid when you just started Twitter. Most of the people hate this type of tweet, which is the promotional tweet. You must avoid yourself to send promotional link at the beginning. Since most of the people want to earn money fast on Twitter, they keep on sending promotional links. That is why most of the people fail in Twitter marketing. If you want to earn money only in your mind, you will be hardly success. However, if you have a helpful heart and mind, money will come to you automatically. So, tweet valuable, and I have several types of good tweets to be recommended.

There are many other ways that can attract more people to follow you back on Twitter, and thus increase your followers fast and easy. The next thing you have to learn is how to tweet in order to get more attention from your followers, and thus making sales. Do feel free to check out my complete home study course for you to success on Twitter at

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