How To Get More Follow Back on Twitter


On Twitter, you start to get followers on Twitter by following other people first. After one or two days, you can check whether those people are following you back. If not, you can either unfollow them, or you can try to grab their attention to follow you. Some of those great celebrities on Twitter are particularly choosy. If you are a nobody to them, why they need to follow you? However, there are ways for you to attract more people to follow back you on Twitter.

In order to get them to follow you back, the very first thing that you have to do is to put a real photo of you in your Twitter profile! Your appearance is the first impression to a stranger, whether they will like you or not. You are not encouraged to put your logo, products, funny or porn pictures as it shows that you are only the advertisers or kidding or unhealthy person. Then, try to write something in your bio data so that other people will know what is your main business or purposes on Twitter. These data is very helpful also if people are searching for something that is related to you or your business.

Your tweets are the most important element on Twitter. Your followers will read your tweets and they will decide to unfollow you if they do not like your short messages. New people who are deciding to follow you will read your tweets also. If you can share great messages on Twitter, you will get more followers easily. There are many tweets that most of the Twitter followers will love. However, I know there are some tweets that most of the Twitter users hate the most. The most unwelcome tweets on Twitter are those containing promotional messages and links. I believe that you heard people make sales on Twitter. However, if we are not Tweeting promotional links, how can we make sales? Yes, many users on Twitter are making sales, but they are doing it in smarter way. You can tweet promotional links in a better way so that you will not be marked as spammer on Twitter.

The next easy method that can help you to get more follow back on Twitter is through your participation in Twitter community. There are many ways that you can enjoy the fun and activities on Twitter. One thing that I love most is retweeting. Retweet is a way that you share other people's tweets to your followers and giving credits to the original person. If you retweet for others, others will retweet for you also. If people know that you will retweet for other people, they will more likely to follow you. Of cause, they are hoping that you will retweet for them one day. You will find out that it is really a great fun if other people retweet for you and you retweet for them also. Your followers will increase automatically. However, do choose correct messages for retweeting, or else, you will draw your followers away also.

There are too many ways to get more follow back and followers on Twitter, all methods are free without using any software. So, the next thing that you have to do is to check out my home study course to know how an ordinary Joe can turn himself into a celebrity and earn money on Twitter, you can check it out here


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