Do You Need Multiple Twitter Accounts For Your Business?


There are many Twitter users who have created more than one Twitter accounts. I wonder what the advantages are by doing so. May be they want to make more sales on Twitter? "By creating more accounts, you can send more tweets to more people at the same time, and so you can double or triple your sales", this may be the objective for most of the Twitter users. To me, they are definitely wrong!

Let me show you an unhealthy scenario here. Meantime, try to put yourself in the shoe of your followers. If your followers want to buy products from you, they have to read your tweets. If they are reading tweets, and they find out that you and another two or three users are tweeting the exactly same thing, what message will be in their mind? "Spammer, these few people are spammers!" Therefore, your followers will unfollow and block you and marked all your Twitter accounts as spammers. Even worse if they report for spam to, all of your Twitter account will get suspended!

You may be able to create another new account, but you will have to start from zero again to build your follower list. And because you want to build your followers list fast, you have to waste your money to buy some Twitter marketing software. By using Twitter marketing software, you can follow and unfollow people fast for all your Twitter accounts, and start tweeting days and nights automatically. If any of the account is getting suspended, you can build again, everything is still fine. Is this your Twitter marketing method? I will say you can not see any good result from your Twitter account. You will get away from sooner or later.

One Twitter account is good enough for you to build a strong Twitter followers army if you know how to manage it properly. has a Twitter List feature for you to manage your followers. Instead of creating multiple Twitter accounts, you can make use of Twitter List for your different field of business.

For any business, starting is difficult because there are many unsure things. Same as Twitter for business, it is not easy also if you do not know how to use it correctly. In order to use Twitter for long-term business purpose, you need to put qualities in your Twitter account. The more efforts and qualities that you pump into your Twitter account, the more powerful will be your tweets, and you can really earn money from your tweets.

If you do not know how to build a strong Twitter followers army, you must take a course which can guide you properly, and this is the home study course that I have created for Twitter users I want to help you to get out from the unhealthy loop of Twitter marketing process, and build a strong follower list for your long-run business.


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