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There are many success stories about marketing on Twitter. However, there are even more unsuccessful stories and people feel that they have been cheated! What happened to those people who failed to earn money on Twitter, even they know how to use all the applications and software that associated with Twitter? The main reason is that they do not have a clear and correct goal before they start their Twitter marketing process.

I can tell you that in order to success in Twitter marketing, do not think about money too soon. Your goals will not be related to money at the beginning. However, with these ultimate goals, money will flows in automatically, sooner or later.

In order to success in Twitter marketing, your first goal must be building your presence online and establish your credibility and then obtain trust from your prospects. Everyone who follows you on Twitter is a prospect. And if you expect people to follow you and know of you, you must work on building your presence first. Establishing yourself as an expert goes hand in hand with presence building. Why should people listen to you? Do you know what they do not know? Are you already doing something they want to achieve? And when you have defined your Twitter persona, you will attract like-minded people to follow you. Like-minded people attract one another. Birds of a feather flock together.

When you successfully build your presence and gain trust from your Followers - and remember, trust is a priceless commodity that cannot be bought with money - this will give you permission to start striving for your second goal: to network with other people that can help you grow your business. We are talking about potential joint venture partners and will-be customers.

You see, you want to become the hunted, not the hunter. If you start approaching the big players for joint ventures or try to persuade customers in the shoes of a "nobody", no one will take you seriously. You cannot do big things in the shoes of a small player. You have no choice but to be a big player in the league yourself.

It is okay to start as a newbie, but it is definitely NOT okay to remain a newbie. Your ultimate goal is to be an expert at what you do, and in this case, become a Twitter marketing expert. This is why trust and credibility building are very, very important goals to start with. When this is nailed down, talking to other people is a lot easier.

There are a lot more things to learn in order to become a real Twitter marketing expert, that I can not put them all in short articles. If you are serious in learning the correct way of Twitter marketing, welcome to take a home study course at http://TwitterDynamics.com where you can learn all the important elements in Twitter marketing process.

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