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If you ever heard about earn money on Twitter, I believe that you will know some of the Twitter marketing software products that can be found on the internet at the present time. Most of these software will cost you some money but some of them are free. With so many software and applications associated with Twitter that had been developed, you can see how strong is the demand for these software. And also how many people are trying to success in Twitter marketing by using these Twitter software.

From all of these Twitter marketing software, you can find some similarities in their functions. For most of the Twitter associated software, they can help you to get more Twitter followers fast and easy. This can be the main selling point for any Twitter marketing product. I can not deny that Twitter followers are important for you to make sales. The more followers you have, the more people will see your tweets. And if you have an affiliate product link, and people buy the product after clicking the link, you earn commissions. You can save a lot of time for getting thousands of followers in few days or weeks, comparing to them who try to get more followers manually.

To make your life even easier, some Twitter marketing software can even let you preset all your tweets, and your tweets will appear on Twitter all around the clock at anytime prefer and preset by you earlier. That means, you can tweet and earn money even when you are sleeping, or going vacations, or need not to be on Twitter again once you have done all the settings. This is really good for those who are too busy to tweet. If you are unable to set too many tweets at a time, the software can help you to spin your messages and thus your tweets will look different every time. This sounds really cool!

However, despite the above mentioned benefits that Twitter marketing software can give to you, many people have overlooked the downsides of those software. In most cases, Twitter marketing software will help you to follow many people in a short span of time and wait for those people to follow you back. If they do not follow you, the software will help you to unfollow them. However, the qualities of followers you get from here are mostly unsatisfying. This is because they are the people who are using software also, or even try to spam your Twitter account with lots of promotion link. When you browse through the tweet histories of these people, you will notice that they are sending lots of promotional and uninformative messages. Their main purpose on Twitter is to make sales.

The worst case that will happen by using Twitter marketing software is your Twitter account will get suspension one day. not allows its users to follow or unfollow people in short span of time. By using Twitter software to follow or unfollow people, you may break this rule easily. Your account will be suspended because of sending tweets too frequently or even worse, sending the same tweet every time. Read more here...

Therefore, I believe that most of the people that really success in Twitter marketing do not rely on software to help them to get followers or to tweet. To them, two thousand of loyal and quality followers can be much better than twenty thousand of Twitter software followers.

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