Twitter Marketing Software Not for Me?


Is Twitter marketing software really helps you? I had bad experience with it, and I would like to hear your experience also.

Last year, when I was just started to participate actively on Twitter, I was being attracted to try some of the "Twitter marketing software" and applications in order to get more followers on Twitter. Those software claimed that I can make sales easily on Twitter by using them because I can get many followers.

However, the results really disappointing me. I did got more followers in quantity. But I found that the quality of those Twitter followers who follow me back were really not up to scratch, they are mostly spammers! What they do everyday on Twitter? They never read tweets but tweet a lot of same message everyday, with their product links by using the Twitter marketing software. Among my Twitter followers, 90 percent of them tried to make sales and never respond to me. I was like a lonely people in a crowded community, although I had thousands of followers. Oh yes, I myself was using the Twitter software, how can I blame them for using software also?

The worst case had not yet happened. After few months, my Twitter account was getting suspended! What a shock when I tried to log in to my Twitter account and I saw a line of message “Sorry, the profile you were trying to view has been suspended due to strange activity.” I could still view other people’s tweets but I could not tweet. I guessed I had smashed some Twitter rules. Yes, I did. One of the Twitter rules is users are not allowed to mass follow or unfollow people in a short span of time. By using Twitter marketing softwares, I could follow and unfollow people fast and easy, but my Twitter account was under the risk of getting suspended. This can be one of the major weaknesses of Twitter marketing software.

From that day onwards, I tried to avoid using Twitter marketing software to build my business on Twitter. I tried to figure out what are the methods that works without using any software. After months of trial, I found out that I managed to get more quality Twitter followers than before. Those good followers are very responsive and they read my tweets, retweet for me and chat with me. I feel Twitter is more enjoyable without using Twitter software. This is probably because you and your followers love to interact with real people on the internet and not the auto direct message or auto response. When I tried to practice what works on Twitter everyday, my Twitter followers grow and they are mostly great people to follow.

As a conclusion, I believe that most of the people that really success in Twitter marketing do not use software to help them to get followers. Two thousand of loyal and quality followers can be much more better than twenty thousand of Twitter followers.

My secrets of success in Twitter marketing are bundled in Twitter Dynamics. If you want to use Twitter for your business, do read and study what really works before you get involved, or else your Twitter business account may get suspended one day.

What are your experience with the Twitter Marketing software? Or you may have some advices for those who are using it?


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