How to Restore a Suspended Twitter Account


You may came across this picture and message if you use wrongly as a business tool for you. If you are suspected in performing some abnormal activities on, which may break the terms of usage, your Twitter account will get suspended without notice. However, there may be some cases where hangs up your account by mistake. If your Twitter account is getting suspended one day, there are some simple ways and procedure to follow in order to get back your account.

When you try to log into your Twitter account and receive a message like this, “Sorry, the profile you were trying to view has been suspended due to strange activity.” , the very first thing to do is to keep yourself calm and unruffled. This is because you need to write a polite message to for them to check what is happening to your account. There are quite a number of people facing the same problem as you, so just stay calm if you belief that you do not break their rules of usage.

To restore your suspended Twitter account, you can submit a support ticket or request at Fill up the simple form with your problems. You are advised to write considerately with the problem that you are having now, that is about your suspended account. You can write to Twitter about your activities on and ask in respectful manner if they have just suspend your account by mistake. After that, submit the request and wait for about 24 hours or more for the reply.

How if your account has not yet been recovered after one or two days? This is another possible method for you to try, and it is provided by @twitter_tips. You can create another new account with new username and password. With this new account, you can send tweet to @Ginger and tell her your problem. If she does not reply, then you may send another tweet to @delbius. Both of them are working at Twitter. There are other workers at Twitter who you can search and get helps from them.

Al though you have submitted the request to Twitter, the time for your Twitter account to be restored is yet to be determined. Some people may need to wait for few weeks. Therefore, the best way of practice is to read through the Twitter terms and rules of usage. Preventive is always better than cure. To learn how to prevent your Twitter account from being suspended, you are always welcomed to read my previous article, read more ... "How to Prevent Your Twitter Account From Being Suspended".


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