How to Get More Quality Followers on Twitter for Your Business


Millions of people are using Twitter as one of the social networking sites nowadays. There are even people claiming that you can earn money on Twitter, really? Yes, I am one of them who use Twitter to earn part time income from my tweets. However, you need to know how to use Twitter correctly before you can earn money with it. Or else, your Twitter account will be suspended or you may even find yourself wasting time on it.

Many people or entrepreneurs are using Twitter to promote their business or products. If you are learning how to use Twitter to expand your business effectively, then you will get some great tips in this article. I will share with you some great ways for you to get more and more quality followers on Twitter that will help you in your business and earn more money on Twitter. They are the real people who will respond to you, read your tweets and even buy the products that you recommend on Twitter. Please beware that I am not highlighting on the quantity of followers, but the quality of followers that you will get.

Firstly, let me show you one of the greatest mistakes that most Twitter users are doing that will seriously stop them from getting good followers on Twitter. What are they doing? They promote their products or affiliate products in their every tweets! Some people even worse that they only tweet the same thing everyday, for hoping that other people will buy products from their link and make money easily without much effort. If you are doing it also, please stop it! You are abusing and spamming your Twitter followers and no people will like to see you. After some time, good people will unfollow you and for those who stay with you are spammers like you also. Your remaining followers are hard promoters who will never read your tweets.

Secondly, you have to learn how to share interesting and useful tweets on Twitter. The major reason of why other people are following you is because of your tweets. You can have fancy Twitter background with nice and great photos, but that is for the first time attraction for other people to follow you. For the rest of the days, your followers will look at you from your tweets. If you tweet like a hard promoter, they will eventually leave you. So, tweet some tips or guides of your expertees. If you have a good product, share the pros and cons about the product. If you have a blog, share some experience on the way you use the product. From your tweets, your followers will eventually recognize you as an expert in certain field, and they will seek your advice if they face problems.

Thirdly, be fully utilizing the advantage of blogs. Do not worry if you are lazy to write a blog, because I am one of the busy people who have no time to update my blog frequently also. You have no time to write long stories or articles on your blog, but how about leaving short comments on other people blogs, like mine? When you are leaving a comment, end it with a short sentence like “I am on Twitter” with your Twitter user name below it. Most blog owners will allow you to do so, as long as you are not promoting your products in their blog. This is a friendly method to convert other people’s blog visitors into your Twitter followers and even your blog visitors. When you get those followers, it is your chance to interact with them and introduce yourself to them on Twitter through your tweets.

Conclusion, in order to success on Twitter, it is not very depending on the quantity but the quality of followers that you get. To promote your business or product effectively on Twitter, you need some guidance, tools, and marketing strategies. In order to learn more on how and what to do everyday on Twitter, welcome to get a comprehensive guide for yourself at .


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