How to Earn Money Online Using Twitter for Beginners


If you ever heard about “money is in the list” but you do not have any list yet, then Twitter is for you because you can build few lists on Twitter with a lot of loyal followers. You will be able to earn money from your tweets if you know how to use Twitter correctly for internet marketing. In order to give some beginners a rough idea of how people earn money online using Twitter, I have summarized the process in this article.

In order to earn money on the internet, you will need to have something to sell. There are some very good places where you can get products for selling and be paid for your commissions, for example the This is a place where you can register yourself as an affiliate for free and promote other people’s product to get commissions up to 85 percent. Since you are promoting the digital products from, you do not have to worry about the goods delivery, even the warranty. In short, you have nothing to care about after you make sales, and your job is to promote the products to as many people as possible. is a place where you can meet people easily from all over the world. You can follow other people to learn stuff from them, or other people may follow you if they think you are worth to follow. How to get more followers on Twitter is the essential thing that you will need to learn. However, there is nothing to worry because nowadays, many applications or softwares are developed to help you to get followers on Twitter easily. The real skill that you will have to learn is how to get targeted followers, that is the people who will be interested in your business or products. And then you will need to convert them to your customers wisely. only allows 140 characters to be sent in one tweet. In order to keep your messages simple and sweet, you will need to shorten your affiliate link by using free applications like or By using the shortened url, you will be able to write more messages in your tweets. How to promote the products effectively or how to stand out from other people so that your followers will notice your messages is the true skill in Twitter marketing. More tweets do not mean more sales.

In short, to market a product on Twitter, the process will be as simple as one, two, three. Firstly, find a product from and get your affiliate link. Secondly, shorten your affiliate link by using or tinyurl. Thirdly, sent your tweets with the shortened url. If your followers click your link and they buy the product, you will earn commissions from


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