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“Friend Or Follow” is one of the Twitter application tools that can help you to manage your friends on Twitter. You can browse through your friends easily, whether you are following them (named following), or they are following you (named fans), or you are following each and other (named friends). This is one of my favorite tools because it can retrieve data from your Twitter account very fast even you have more than 10K of following or followers. Another good thing is it can help you to sort your data according to their username, name, location, followers, following, last tweet and account age. However I do not use every feature of it, I use it mainly for unfollowing those who do not following me back, but not all. Many people I still keep to follow even they do not follow me back.

Below is step-by-step tutorial on how to use FriendOrFollow to unfollow your following faster.

1. Go to FriendOrFollow website.

2. Login your Twitter username, no password is needed.

3.Wait for few seconds or minutes. This will depend on your internet speed, and your Twitter account size. Longer time is needed if you are famous.

4. By default, FriendOrFollow will search your following automatically and sort by username. Yes, I need to search for the people that I am following who are not follow me back. I will unfollow those people but not all. Usually, I will choose to sort by last tweet. Why? I want to know who of them have not tweet for quite some time. Probably they are ‘dead’ on Twitter and I have no meaning by following them. Sometime, I will choose to sort by followers, to know those who are not so famous to follow.

5. FriendOrFollow do not have the function of bulk unfollow. However, you can unfollow faster by opening each user with each new tab. Before this, make sure that you log into your Twitter account already.

6. Depends on your computers memory, and internet speed, you can open six to twelve tabs in one window. Then, you can choose to unfollow those user in every tab.

It seems to be troublesome here, but this is one of the very safe methods to unfollow many users without breaking Twitter rules. is not allowing people to bulk unfollow in a short spend of time, by using software or any applications. Your account will be suspended by doing so. You can read more here...

I would like to hear from you that other safe methods to unfollow people on Twitter also. Feel free to share your experience here.


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