Odd Twitter Tips


I would like to share some odd Twitter tips here. From these tips, try to think and see some truth behind them. If you are using Twitter seriously, and not for spamming purposes, you will understand what I mean. Now, let's get started.

The first odd Twitter tip here can help you to get more followers on Twitter very fast. You will get more followers automatically every day. I am strange that this group of Twitter users are very active and they'll follow you even you do not follow them first. Who are they? They are friends for 18 years old and above. I hope that you can understand what I mean. If you follow anyone of those sxxk, fxxk, sxx, etc. accidentally, your twitter followers will be flooded by those people. You will be amazed that you can get followers so easily on Twitter!

To all the parents out there, be careful also when your children are on Twitter. Twitter is like one of the search engines that might expose some unsuitable knowledge to your children. If your children are too addicted on Twitter, try to understand what are they doing and who are the most of their friends on Twitter.

All right, here's the second tips. Before I continue, I would like to share some of my experience when I was just started to use Twitter last year. I followed some person that I did not know at all. Amazingly, they followed me back, wow. Was I so interesting? Not really, at that time. I started to read there tweets to understand what were they doing on Twitter. Since I did not follow many people yet, I could only read few people's tweets at that time. You know, my Twitter account was flooded with tweets of the same person! Same Tweets! Isn't this very very annoying and frustrating?

Since I did not know how to unfollow people at that time, so guess what I did? I have one tips here to help you to cover those annoying persons' tweets. FOLLOW MORE PEOPLE! LOL Ha,ha...

Yes, after I follow more people, I have more interesting tweets on Twitter everyday. Of cause I'm not reading all the tweets, but at least I can see more different faces rather than the same face everyday. And if you get in touch with your new friends on Twitter politely, and they respond to you, most of them will become your good friends in future, and share there knowledge with you.

Ok, and now try to catch the hidden messages behind those tips. I hope to here from you :)

Rewards from Writting Articles


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I received some rewords from Ezine today.

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