What Are You Doing on Twitter?


I log in to Twitter.com everyday to chat with my friends. It's really enjoyable if you use Twitter correctly. Moreover, you can really earn money from your tweets :)

What are the common things that I usually do on Twitter? I don't spend much time on it each time I sign in. I try to manage my time or else I'll get addicted and affect all my daily works. So, within this 15~20 minutes everytime I log in, I'll do these:

1. My followers number: I'll check who are my new followers and are they worth to follow. How to determine whether they are great and worth to follow? It's another great lesson and I think I'll share it in my future posts. If you manage to follow the correct people, you'll learn many things, and enjoy funs on Twitter. Moreover, you can earn money also using Twitter. If not, you are just wasting your time on Twitter.

2. Who had mentioned my name @ElvinTiong: I'll check why they mention about me. Is it good or bad? Are they trying to make friends with me? Should I reply to them? I meet some friends who are looking for JV partners with me in business. There are even people asking my opinion regarding the properties in Penang, because they are migrating. You see, it's really fun to chat with some real people in another side of this planet who you'll never meet if not because of Twitter.

3. Who retweet for me: This is very enjoyable because you'll know your followers love your tweets and they are sharing your tweets to more people. This is a very good way to promote yourself on Twitter and let other people to follow you. How to tweets and how to attract other people to retweet for you? This is part of the courses in my eBook http://TwitterDynamics.com . It's a very useful skill which can help you to get JV partners and earn money on Twitter.

I normally do not read direct messages (DMs) because they are 99% auto generated. If you ever DM me, pls @ElvinTiong and inform me also so that I'll check the DMs.

Hope you enjoy your funs on Twitter!

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Local Services Expert - Janneth said...

With people that have thousands of followers, its very difficult to sort out your followers, keep up with the DMs and RTS. Good thing a lot of good twitter programs out there are helping us out.

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