Twitter Marketing Success Recipe.


There are millions of users on the internet nowadays. All people are being given the same opportunity to register the same Twitter account. is that simple to use with no extra difficult function that needs any special skill from the users. However, why not everyone can success on Twitter? Let me put some imagination here. If everyone is being given a slice of beef and asked to prepare a dish with the beef. Can everyone cook the beef? Of cause they can. However, can everyone prepare a real delicious dish of beef? Not really.

Imagine that you are the cook for the beef, and you want to earn some income from your dish. What will you think when you are preparing the dish? Will you prepare a dish of beef that you only love to eat? Or you will think of your customers’ favorites? In order to earn maximum profits, you have to think for your customers, so that they are willing to pay money for your dish. The same principle is applied to you as a user. If you want to get maximum profits and success on Twitter, you need to have a correct mindset and think for your Twitter followers. What they love? And how can you fulfill their taste? Without a correct mindset and a clear goal for your business, you will definitely fail or just wasting your time on Twitter.

In order to make a delicious dish of beef, you will need some good ingredients. The ingredients can be simple or multifarious. The more important is how to mix the ingredients properly in order to give the best taste for the beef. Try to relate this to your account; your tweets are the main ingredients for your dish. What are you tweeting about? Are your tweets solely to sell and to promote links, which I saw mostly in my Twitter Followers account? Or you are likely to mix your tweets creatively with other delicious ingredients and finally capture your followers’ taste. Your Twitter followers will love you if you do show your efforts in preparing the best dish for them. When they are hungry, they will come to your restaurant to search for nice dishes, and you are on your way to success eventually.

Tasty and nice ingredients may still not enough for you to prepare a wonderful dish of beef. You will need some good tools to help you. There are many tools in cooking, but you are not necessarily to use all of those tools. Find out the major tools and make use of them. There are many Twitter tools and software on the internet nowadays. However, you will not need all of them for you to success on Twitter. These tools or software can help you to achieve success easier and faster, but you can not rely 100% on them. Your customers will prefer a special dish prepared by a real human with real effort, rather than a cup of instant mea prepared by an automatic machine. Having a food that is prepared by a machine is really dull.

I believe that those are the three major things for you to success in Twitter marketing: a correct mindset, your interesting tweets, and your tools. In Twitter Dynamics home study course, you will learn the correct way to use twitter, what can you tweet for your followers and some free tools that can assist you to achieve greater success on Twitter. I will say that is the easiest application for you to start an online business as a part time job, provided that you know how.

New Twitter Retweet Features Review

| adds in new retweet feature for users to make fun on Twitter by RT or retweet for friends. To me, this new feature has both its pros and cons.

Let's look at the old Retweet method that I applied normally.

1. When I came across interesting tweets, I will normally highlight the Twitter's user's name with his tweet first, in this example, it's a tweet from lizarddawg (see the above image). And then right click my mouse and select "copy", to copy the tweet into my clipboard.

2. Then I'll type in "RT @" before I paste the tweet of the person lizarddawg. For better interaction, you are encouraged to add in short personal comment. That's it, you can still use this method to retweet for your friends :)

Ok, let us see how about the new Twitter retweet feature. Basicaly, it helps you to retweet easier with one push button. See the image below. Click the retweet button and select "yes", that's it :) I believe you will find this more convenient for you.

Now, let us see how do you know your tweets get retweeted? When your followers retweet for you, they'll insert your name. In my case, they will put in "RT @ElvinTiong " in front of my tweets. And thus I can check those people who had mentioned my name in "@ElvinTiong" (Can you find where it is in the image below?). I always appreciate them who retweet for me. I'll reply them with a short thank you, so that I can start to build relationship with my followers. I can simply reply to few people at the same time easily.

As for new Twitter retweet feature, you can check your retweeted tweets also, in another new "Retweets" button located below "@ElvinTiong". See the image below.

Yes, you can see who had retweeted for you. The problem that I'm facing now is how to reply to everyone of them in one tweet? I am still looking for easier way to thank them in one tweet. I won't reply thanks to each of them one by one, as this may takes too much time and my followers will be frustrated for these thank you tweets. Imagine that if you have 10 people retweet for you and you need to thank them one by one, you'll gonna become a very frustrating poeple.

In my opinion, if can make some improvement by adding one more feature for us to reply them who retweet for us in one tweet, then Twitter will sure become a greater place for us to make friends :)

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More Targeted Twitter Followers with Optimized Account


Optimize your Twitter Account is a very important step for you to start on Twitter. This is for you to get more targeted followers easily and promote yourself effectively on Twitter. You will be able to get more follow-back if you follow other people on Twitter. And also, you can promote your blog or website indirectly to your new followers.

Many people get no clue what to do after registering a Twitter account. Let me share with you what will I do once I registered a new account on Twitter.

This is my Twitter Account :)

This is not a new account, but I will let you see what I have done for my Twitter account and you can follow it.

Once you opened a Twitter account, head to the "Settings" tab on the top right menu bar. It is actually between "Find People" and "Help" Tab. If you're not sure where it is, you can click here

And so, this is what I see in my account:

I've circled 4 important boxes that you'll need to take care of.

1. Name -- The best will be your real name. This is for your friends, or other people who know you to find you on Twitter easily. If you want to promote your business, this can be your company name.

2. Username -- You can share this link with your friends so that they can find you on Twitter. Use this link in your email, forums, blogs and even your name card to promote yourself.

3. More Info URL -- This is important for you to promote your blogs or websites. Take note of this example: Shorten your website URL to instead of These two links are definitely the same, but the first one is shorter and your followers can see your website name clearer. The "www." will take out some spaces and your website name cannot be displayed properly when your followers are looking at your profile.

4. One Line Bio -- This is particularly important for you to get more targeted followers in autopilot. Write short and detailed information about yourself. My personal example is "Use Twitter to build relationship and seeking possible JV partners in internet marketing field. Love social media, affiliate marketing & viral list building." With these information, other people can get me easily when they try to find people on Twitter or Twellow with the words "social media", "affiliate marketing", "Twitter", "viral list building" and so on. If you love dogs, try to put the word "dog" in your bio, and you will get many dog lovers to follow you and you can share your tweets with your followers.

Try to give these settings a try, and I am sure you can get hundreds of followers on Twitter easily and they are very targeted. Enjoy :)

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Why Retweet Rank is Important?


This is my retweet rank :) (Updated on 04 November 2009)

You can use to check your retweet rank also, and anybody you might interested in.

As you can see in the image, my retweet rank is #4109, or approx. 99.08 percentile of my tweets are retweeted by my Twitter followers. What does this RT shows me actually?

1. My followers are reading my tweets, directly or indirectly.
2. My name "Elvin Tiong" is spreading to thousands of Twitter users! More people will follow me.
3. My tweets are interesting enough for them.
4. I am building relationship, and trust with my Twitter Followers.
5. They are the real person who really read tweets.
6. I can make sales on Twitter, I make sales indeed.
7. I can have potential JV with my Twitter followers.

From my experience, most Twitter users do not realise the importance of "RT". This is particularly important for you to make friends with other big gun on Twitter. You will build a very strong empire on Twitter with a lot of real friends by retweeting.

I heard a lot of people saying that Twittering is a waste of time. Yes, it is, if you don't interact with your followers, if you tweet alone, if nobody read your tweets. If your tweets are all about promoting products, you will not get sales for long run business. Nobody want to be sold on Twitter. They want to learn. So, if you can give them value, you will get a lot of good followers, and they trust you and will probably buy products that recommended by you.

TwitterDynamics is a home study course that teaches you how to improve your retweet rank and make sales on Twitter. Your tweets will become more valuable to your followers and they will even search your tweets history. Doesn't this good for you on Twitter?


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