Why Retweet Rank is Important?


This is my retweet rank :) (Updated on 04 November 2009)

You can use retweetrank.com to check your retweet rank also, and anybody you might interested in.

As you can see in the image, my retweet rank is #4109, or approx. 99.08 percentile of my tweets are retweeted by my Twitter followers. What does this RT shows me actually?

1. My followers are reading my tweets, directly or indirectly.
2. My name "Elvin Tiong" is spreading to thousands of Twitter users! More people will follow me.
3. My tweets are interesting enough for them.
4. I am building relationship, and trust with my Twitter Followers.
5. They are the real person who really read tweets.
6. I can make sales on Twitter, I make sales indeed.
7. I can have potential JV with my Twitter followers.

From my experience, most Twitter users do not realise the importance of "RT". This is particularly important for you to make friends with other big gun on Twitter. You will build a very strong empire on Twitter with a lot of real friends by retweeting.

I heard a lot of people saying that Twittering is a waste of time. Yes, it is, if you don't interact with your followers, if you tweet alone, if nobody read your tweets. If your tweets are all about promoting products, you will not get sales for long run business. Nobody want to be sold on Twitter. They want to learn. So, if you can give them value, you will get a lot of good followers, and they trust you and will probably buy products that recommended by you.

TwitterDynamics is a home study course that teaches you how to improve your retweet rank and make sales on Twitter. Your tweets will become more valuable to your followers and they will even search your tweets history. Doesn't this good for you on Twitter?


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