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Optimize your Twitter Account is a very important step for you to start on Twitter. This is for you to get more targeted followers easily and promote yourself effectively on Twitter. You will be able to get more follow-back if you follow other people on Twitter. And also, you can promote your blog or website indirectly to your new followers.

Many people get no clue what to do after registering a Twitter account. Let me share with you what will I do once I registered a new account on Twitter.

This is my Twitter Account :)

This is not a new account, but I will let you see what I have done for my Twitter account and you can follow it.

Once you opened a Twitter account, head to the "Settings" tab on the top right menu bar. It is actually between "Find People" and "Help" Tab. If you're not sure where it is, you can click here

And so, this is what I see in my account:

I've circled 4 important boxes that you'll need to take care of.

1. Name -- The best will be your real name. This is for your friends, or other people who know you to find you on Twitter easily. If you want to promote your business, this can be your company name.

2. Username -- You can share this link with your friends so that they can find you on Twitter. Use this link in your email, forums, blogs and even your name card to promote yourself.

3. More Info URL -- This is important for you to promote your blogs or websites. Take note of this example: Shorten your website URL to instead of These two links are definitely the same, but the first one is shorter and your followers can see your website name clearer. The "www." will take out some spaces and your website name cannot be displayed properly when your followers are looking at your profile.

4. One Line Bio -- This is particularly important for you to get more targeted followers in autopilot. Write short and detailed information about yourself. My personal example is "Use Twitter to build relationship and seeking possible JV partners in internet marketing field. Love social media, affiliate marketing & viral list building." With these information, other people can get me easily when they try to find people on Twitter or Twellow with the words "social media", "affiliate marketing", "Twitter", "viral list building" and so on. If you love dogs, try to put the word "dog" in your bio, and you will get many dog lovers to follow you and you can share your tweets with your followers.

Try to give these settings a try, and I am sure you can get hundreds of followers on Twitter easily and they are very targeted. Enjoy :)


Neil Craig said...

i implemented the four things you recommended in the blog post, and that was three weeks ago and now im scraping to the 500 followers mark . so the information being given here is great and should be followed by anyone using twitter to help their marketing campaigns. i have seen many different ways to get followers but this was by far the easiest and best way of doing just that

with thanks and prosperity
Neil craig

ElvinTiong said...

Hi, Neil Craig

Welcome to my blog!

It's great to hear that the tips work for you. I personally tested this and my followers are increasing everyday. I'll share more in my blog with other useful methods to get more followers on Twitter without using software. :)

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