New Twitter Retweet Features Review

| adds in new retweet feature for users to make fun on Twitter by RT or retweet for friends. To me, this new feature has both its pros and cons.

Let's look at the old Retweet method that I applied normally.

1. When I came across interesting tweets, I will normally highlight the Twitter's user's name with his tweet first, in this example, it's a tweet from lizarddawg (see the above image). And then right click my mouse and select "copy", to copy the tweet into my clipboard.

2. Then I'll type in "RT @" before I paste the tweet of the person lizarddawg. For better interaction, you are encouraged to add in short personal comment. That's it, you can still use this method to retweet for your friends :)

Ok, let us see how about the new Twitter retweet feature. Basicaly, it helps you to retweet easier with one push button. See the image below. Click the retweet button and select "yes", that's it :) I believe you will find this more convenient for you.

Now, let us see how do you know your tweets get retweeted? When your followers retweet for you, they'll insert your name. In my case, they will put in "RT @ElvinTiong " in front of my tweets. And thus I can check those people who had mentioned my name in "@ElvinTiong" (Can you find where it is in the image below?). I always appreciate them who retweet for me. I'll reply them with a short thank you, so that I can start to build relationship with my followers. I can simply reply to few people at the same time easily.

As for new Twitter retweet feature, you can check your retweeted tweets also, in another new "Retweets" button located below "@ElvinTiong". See the image below.

Yes, you can see who had retweeted for you. The problem that I'm facing now is how to reply to everyone of them in one tweet? I am still looking for easier way to thank them in one tweet. I won't reply thanks to each of them one by one, as this may takes too much time and my followers will be frustrated for these thank you tweets. Imagine that if you have 10 people retweet for you and you need to thank them one by one, you'll gonna become a very frustrating poeple.

In my opinion, if can make some improvement by adding one more feature for us to reply them who retweet for us in one tweet, then Twitter will sure become a greater place for us to make friends :)


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