Common Mistakes On Twitter That We Make


Think of this if you are an internet marketer:
You on Twitter --> get followers --> promote product --> make sales

Is that true? Do you really make sales?
Most of you are not making sales, I guess.

When I was using Twitter, I ask myself these questions:
1. Who am I?
2. Why I need to follow other people?
3. Why other people follow me on Twitter?
4. I tweet great product, why no sale?

My answers to above question:
1. I am Elvin Tiong. So what?
2. I want to sell affiliate products on Twitter
3. They want to sell affiliate products to me
4. Why will I make sale?

Imagine this, you want to sell, all your followers want to sell, who want to spend money to buy all the products those are being promoted on Twitter? To avoid ourselves from being exposed to so many advertisements on Twitter, we never read other people's tweets. We use autotweet software to tweet as much as possible, hoping that we can make a sale. We use autofollow/ unfollow software to get as many followers as possible. We never read DM, or reply @ on Twitter. Is this you also?

That was my way of using Twitter. However, I realized that all those are the biggest mistakes that most of the Twitter users make. We shall use Twitter on the other way round.

We need to read tweets, DM and replies. We need to follow people manually. We have to tweets manually. We are not neccessarily to tweet so much.

Why? I will share the secrets in my future post.

Hope you don't mind to share your ways of using Twitter. Feel free to share here.


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