10 Biggest Mistakes of Twitter Entrepreneurs


1. Tweets nonsense. Tweets a lot but no useful information.

2. Tweets too little, or no tweet at all.

3. Keep promoting. No people will like to see your tweets.

4. Not follow other people. Waiting for other people to follow.

5. Not update their Bio. Other people don't know about you or your business.

6. Follow anyone. Most of the followers will be 'spammers' those will not listen to you.

7. Unfollow the experts because they don't follow. You will lose useful tips and information.

8. Use autofollow or autotweet software too much. No people like to be friend with twitter machine.

9. Never reply to friends. You will not build relationship with your followers.

10. Focus in getting followers, and promoting to get money! Eventually, you gain nothing and give up! You'll claim that "Twittering is a waste of time"


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