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If you are still wondering about why you need to get involved in Twitter, these are some interesting articles those you can read. It proves the potential of Twitter and how it will affect you, me and this world in future!

The Future of Twitter
By 24/7 WALL ST.
...As Twitter grows, it will increasingly become a place where companies build brands, do research, send information to customers, conduct e-commerce and create communities for their users. Some industries, like local retail, could be transformed by Twitter — both at one-store operations that cater to customers within a few blocks of their locations and at the individual stores of giant retail operations like Wal-Mart (WMT). In either case, having the opportunity to tell customers about attractive sales and new products can be done at remarkably low cost while providing for greater geographic accuracy... Read more

Starbucks Recruits Twitter Followers for New Campaign
by Dan Leahul, Brand Republic 19-May-09
LONDON - Starbucks is hoping to harness the power of social media with a new ad campaign aimed at creating an online conversation between younger coffee drinkers...
Read more

10 Ways Twitter Will Change American Business
These are articles from TIME in partnership with CNN
1. Hyper-Local Marketing... Read more
2. Making Old-World Advertising Work... Read more
3. Turning Wall Street on Its Head... Read more
4. Making Blogs Count... Read more
5. New Ways to Get Consumer Data... Read more
6. Helping TV and Print... Read more
7. Expanding the Power of Micropayments... Read more
8. Changing Telecommunications... Read more
9. A New Way for the Government to Reach You... Read more
10. Charity Begins Online... Read more

I strongly belief that Twitter will keep growing and benefits its users. Although Twitter was born about three years ago, but it has become part of millions peoples' life in present days. More and more corporates get involved because they want to get connected with their customers or potential customers.

Twitter is not for big companies only, but it can benefits anybody like you and me also. I did quite a lot of researches on Twitter and try to dig this gold mine and I'm glad that I manage to crack the code. I found that Twitter is really useful for internet business. However, not many people success in Twitter because they don't use Twitter correctly. They treat Twitter as spamming tool!

It is with great pleasure for me to introduce to you...

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Twitter is not just playing with number of followers, there are a lot more beyond that! I can't admit that followers are important, but the responsive targeted followers are even more important. 1K followers can be better than 10K of followers!

My comprehensive course about Twitter! Twitter Dynamics for your internet business! Learn how to create wealth from Twitter correctly today!


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