Why Use Twitter at All?


When Twitter.com was first launched in 2006, it was not popular for quite some time. It does not have very attractive website design at all. Back then, many people did not know what it was and how it works. Very few people were convinced of Twitter's use.

"Why would I want to tell other people what I am doing now?"
"I do not have time for that. If I spend all the time writing what I am doing now, I might as well be spending the time doing it, right?"
"Doesn't FaceBook already has that? It is in the 'status'."

However in just 2 short years, Twitter had successfully developed what I call the QUANTUM LEAP.

In 2008, Twitter started to grow rapidly and people from various backgrounds, organizations, countries, social circles, etc. started to use Twitter, even if it is just for fun. People from different places started to connect to each other on Twitter, sharing their short messages with their daily activities, such as watching television with cats, drinking coffee mix with tomatoes, etc.

Then some smart marketers, as well as some big corporate started to recognize the opportunities in Twitter. They saw Twitter in a way different from others. They know that they can use free Twitter service to expand their businesses.

As of March 2009, Twitter.com has a conservative estimate of at least 6 million users and counting!

So why use Twitter for your business? I have hinted 2 good reasons to you already. Firstly, being that there are various types of users on Twitter, and secondly being the exponential growth of its users.

Twitter.com ranks one of the top websites online where people spend most of their time on, besides Facebook and YouTube. So imagine - if you start peddling your products on a free-of-charge environment, where your prospects are hanging around and spending most of their time on? And it's not just one or two types of people or a particular group. There are various Twitter users online and each group and category, large enough to be a profitable niche on its own!

Twitter users are so much so that big companies and big businesses like Starbucks and TESCO do not think it is not too small for their own size, either!

This is why I created the Twitter Dynamics guide for small Internet Business owners. There has been no previous time where one person can wield so much power and profit potential just sitting from home, and typing away just a few characters over the keyboard.

Yet your message - if crafted correctly - can be highly captivating and highly profitable.

Only if you know what and how to do it.


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