Why Twitter is so Great!


I came across these news recently and I would like to record it here.

DELL Surpasses $2 Million on Twitter!
For detail please read http://tinyurl.com/nh6a82

This is an undeniable proof to show that Twitter is really a great tool for marketing today! Followers of @DellOutlet keep increasing day by day,and I am one of it:p

Why I follow @DellOutlet in Twitter? Because I need to search a good laptop for my business. Dell will make announcement on Twitter to keep her followers updated. Dell will make Twitter-exclusive offer for their followers. Dell collects feedback of their customers from Twitter also. With some Twitter tools helps, we can keep track of what other people are talking about DELL and DELL can do this also.

Isn't Twitter a great tool for marketing?

Since more and more companies start to use Twitter for their businesses, here is another great news!

Twitter pro accounts coming by end of '09
For detail, please read http://tinyurl.com/kksgvx

Twitter.com decided to sell pro accounts to companies who use it's service for businesses. But now, they are facing difficulties to determine which are the companies are considered 'doing business on Twitter'.

Will us, as internet marketers, will be charged also for the Twitter service?
However, this shows that more companies see the great potential of Twitter and started to get involved.

So, do you want to success in Twitter also?

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