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Product creation is really not an easy job to me. I started my internet marketing journey around half an year ago. I heard about twitter even earlier but I totally don't know how twitter can help in our businesses.

I learn more about twitter from some internet marketing forums such as Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forum. I strongly recommend Warrior Forum because many warriors give solid contents and opinions for the questions you asked. I learned a lot from there.

I started to participate actively in twitter since last two months. I came across different types of twitter products but most of them are focused in adding followers, some of them teach you about the setting of your twitter account and so on. There are really a lot of great people with tons of followers.

From my observation and researches, people can get tons of followers because of these few reasons:
1. They are famous politician, CEO, singers etc..
2. They are expert in blogging, SEO, traffic generation and other internet marketing related field
3. They use software to help them to gain followers

I start to think...Who am I??
Why they want to follow me??
How can I get targeted followers for my business?
How can I grab other people's attention in twitter?
How can I become famous in twitter?

So I start to find ways and answers for my questions above...

After two months of hard work, I manage to get around 7K followers. Twitter Dynamics is my first "How to" product from me and my joint venture partner in twitter. You see, you can even get your joint venture partner for your product creation! Isn't this fantastic?!

I put in all my helpful researches and findings in Twitter Dynamics. There are five modules all together and also come with audio mp3 for you to listen while read.

One thing very important that you will learn is how to interact with your followers and get their attention everyday you tweet. This is particularly important for your business in future. Many followers with no interaction won't help you much in your internet business.

Since this is my first product, I put an introduction price of $27 only for a limited time. You can buy it from here -->

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Alan Tiong said...

WOW.. Amazing product! Well Done!

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