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Here is another great knowledge I've learned today! Every website need SEO!

It is particularly important for me and your website to get listed by Google as soon as possible in order to get more traffics. I talk about Google (and most of the gurus also) because it is the best search engine in this planet right now! Ask yourself, are you using Google or Yahoo or other search engine for web browsing? You should got the answer for yourself.

In order to get listed fast by Google, you and me must know some basic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And most gurus will teach you about Google SEO. There are a lot of things to learn in SEO, I'll need some time to browse the net and learn myself also. You'll need to keep updated with the knowledge of SEO also because Google will change its search engine method from time to time.

In short, there are several things those you and me need to learn for SEO:
1. Keywords research
2. Analyze competition for the keywords
3. Squidoo, Blogspot and Ezinearticles
4. Articles writing
5. Link building
6. Drive traffics

and many more.

For details, I strongly recommend you to visit here:


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