Set a Goal For Your Twitter Account


Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites at the present time. It is good for you to establish new connections and build new relationships with friends from all over the world. Twitter users use this site to send brief message to their friends and see their friends’ tweets in order to know what their friends are doing now.

Anybody can register a twitter account for free. But before you do so, ask yourself why you need it? I saw many twitter users register an account just because their friends ask them to do so. They abandon their account and never update again after their first registration. Since it is a micro-blogging service (according to Wikipedia), you need to update it for your followers as they like to know what are you doing now.

There are few reasons of why people use twitters nowadays?
1. Stay in touch with their old friends
2. Make new friends from whole over the world
3. Share interests or hobbies with each other
4. Share working experience with people in same field
5. Improve their social life
6. Get in touch with customers of their products, complaints or feedbacks
7. Try to let other people know about their businesses, services or proucts
8. Send people to read their blog posts
9. Sharing their economical or political view
10. For internet business purposes

You need to set a goal first before you join twitter so that you won’t waste your time there. Twitter is a very interesting site, you can enjoy the fun with it, but you can also transform it into your FREE business tool.

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