How to Start Internet Business at Zero Cost Using Twitter


In Twitter, you can get and follow people in your same niche. Those people are your potential customers or can be your future JV partners. You can use twellow to get targeted people to follow. This is a FREE twitter API.

Twellow is really simple to use. If you are in internet marketing niche, you can search for people's profile such as affiliate, blogger, internet business, SEO, internet marketing, viral marketing, list building etc. After you manage to get those people, be generous to follow them, and understand what they are doing.

Most of the people are generous to follow you back. Upon getting those followers, start to build your relationship with them. You can ask some questions about their businesses, their hobbies, what they are doing now etc. Of cause, you are welcomed to share with them your business also. However, you are not welcomed to keep asking them to buy products from you.

It is wise for you to share your experience first about the products those you are recommending. Any good or bad doesn't matter, as long as it is your honest comment.

From time to time, you can find people using twellow and follow them. Make interesting tweets so that other people will start to get interested with you. Find good products for your followers, the best thing is giving away FREE products first.

So, if you got my FREE report at, you are welcomed to share this FREE report to your followers. I tried myself and it really works. Your followers no need to pay a single cent to this FREE report.

All right, go ahead today to build your twitter empire and start your publicity work. You will success one day!

Ps: It is adviced to use your own real photo in twitter. People don't like to follow unknown person.


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