How to Earn Money Online Easily


Has any internet marketer taught you how he earned his first dollar online?
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Success quote:
Victory belongs to the most persevering!
- Napoleon

Free Website Advertising with Powerful Viral Marketing Strategy


There are many ways to advertise a product website on internet. Website advertising is particularly important because you need traffics to make sales. Traffics in this case refer to the number of visitors of your website. The more visitors you have, the more sales you will probably make.

Your website can be easily promoted by using viral marketing strategy for free. What is viral marketing? In general, it is a way to advertise your website by letting other people spread the message about you, your products or your website. Your customers are willing to pass your information around and share with their friends or relatives about you and thus doing free promotion for you. Viral marketing is the word of mouth marketing that done through the internet. It is so powerful because you will not spend any money for advertising.

How to implement viral marketing strategy in your business?

One of the most common and easiest ways is by writing an eBook and giving away for free to your customers. Since it is only a free gift for your customers that will not make any profit to you, most people do not take much care about it. However, you should never abandon the quality of these freebies. These freebies will help you in long term profits. You need to put most value into it in order to let other people doing free promotion for you. Let other people giving away your eBook for free also and you are promoting yourself in a viral way already.

If you are not skillful to create a good product, you can always outsource it. With mere effort, you can find products on the internet that will put up for sale their license, which allows you to distribute the product to other people for free. You must hunt for those products that endow with "branding rights". That is where you can incorporate your own name, website, and contact information. Then, simply give permit to other people to use your "freebies" as bonuses for products or services they sell. Always remember to comprise your own advertisement on all your freebies.

Free software is another good mean to create buzz among users. You can either create your own or buy an easy to use software with branding rights and "brand" the software with your contact information and message. Give permission to other people to share out your software for free but they have no right to rebrand it. Just include your business advertisement inside the software program. A creative software that can solve users’ problems or build up users interests will definitely success in viral marketing. Twitter and FaceBook are good examples in this case.

Viral marketing is unquestionable a powerful strategy to advertise your product with zero coat. It can rocket your website ranking without you spend any money for advertising. X-EasyProfits is one of the viral products that will help you to earn extra for free. You can use it as a free tool to redirect visitors to your website by giving it away for free to your customers. A software is embedded into it to help anyone who shares out this report can earn money easily online.

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Today, I Scolded a Salesperson. His Mother Just Passed Away Yesterday…


When you read the story title, you may think that I am cruel, but I learn some lessons today.

The story is like this…

I am urging for a new project recently. For those who don’t know me, I work as a mechanical design engineer in a local company related to semiconductor industry. My company’s sales are seriously affected by the economy crisis this time, so as our customers, vendors and suppliers. We are lucky to get some orders this month but the deadline of the project is really short! 3 weeks only from new design to end product! Normal schedule is 1.5~2 months.

My machine is going to be shipped next Monday. I was angry when I found a faulty part on my machine. My vendor had made a careless mistake! Early in the morning around 9am, I called the vendor in charge. I called him few times before he picked up my call finally.

I was in really bad mood because of late pick-up. When he picked up my call, I scold him for his careless mistakes those will lead to the delay of my machine shipment. (Although I know this was not his fault totally, since he is only a salesperson, but he is representing his company)

“Sorry, my mum just passed away yesterday. I am in a hospital…” he explained why he was late to pick up my call.

I was down in my mouth suddenly, actually difficult to explain my feeling of that moment. I apologized for my unkind words. In my mind, I’m still thinking of my urgent machine. He is in miserable condition now, should I chase him for reworking the faulty part? If not, my machine’s shipment sure will be delayed and nobody will listen to my explanation. I will be responsible for everything!

This world is really cruel!

This incident brings some impact thoughts to me; some questions need to be sensed:

1. The salesperson is around 50 years old already, he has to be scolded by youngsters like me because of other peoples’ faults, and will I be like him when I am old?

2. His mother had just passed away, yet he’s still receiving complaints from others, no condolences, will I be like him one day?

3. My mother is becoming older and older, yet I have no time to accompany her, not afford to give her a restful life, will I regret when she passed away one day?

4. We are busy with endless jobs every day, we work very hard, yet we still not able to beat the high rise expenses, is there going to be other easier way to earn extra?

5. Why other people can become so rich? How they success?

I belief I had found a way. I want to start my own business through internet. I need to take solid actions to build my own career. Although it takes time, and it is really difficult at the beginning for me since I have very little knowledge in computer, but learning day by day will bring me closer to success in my life.

And I hope my friends you can achieve your success also! We can learn together if you want to.

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