What is Affiliate Marketing?


For new comers, 'affiliate marketing' can be a very new phrase to you. It is a way of earning money online by selling other people's products. An affiliate marketer is the sales person who helps merchant to promote and sell products in order to get commissions from the merchant.

In business world, merchants need more buyers, and buyers need certain products from merchants. So, an affiliate marketer is the 'middle man' between merchants and consumers. Thus, there is a truth here, a merchant who is willing to pay higher commissions to her affiliates, her products will be sold better and faster in volume. Merchants need affiliates' helps to promote for them. One of the good examples here is the iphone. Many affiliates earn handsome commissions by selling iphone. Of cause, these affiliates owning powerful skill to do that. If you don't have enough skill, you may not be able to earn that much.

The products are not necessarily must be physical products. Those products can be digital products like software and e-book also, which are much more easier to handle, because you just need to provide a link for them to download after the payment. You will get to know more and more funny products after you explore more.

The beauty of affiliate marketing are:
1. You no need to have your own products
2. You can sell any product
3. You no need to deliver the products or dealing with the warranty issues
4. You no need to keep stocks
5. You no need to have an website
6. You no need to write any salespage, you can do that if you want
7. You can use many promotion tools given by the merchants to help you to
promote their products, such as banners, email letters, articles etc...
8. Your business set-up cost is minimum

Sounds easy right?
However, you need to do proper market research before you put in your time and effort, and may be some advertisement costs. If you are selling a product with no market demand, you can hardly make any profit, or may be even lose money.
Good news here is, google provide a very helpful free tools for you to do market research. Try to play this:

Enter a product's name or keyword, google will show results for you.

So, enjoy it!


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