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My internet marketing journey start from here actually. This is the book that I'll strongly recommend for newbies who want to start to learn internet marketing.

This book, Asia's Dragons, is a compilation of 8 informative and inspirational interviews on how 8 ordinary people went from completely ZERO to becoming very successful online.

If you have been skeptical about whether it is possible to make a living online, Asia's Dragons will remove your doubt forever.

The 8 Asian internet marketers featured in the Asia's Dragons are as follows:

1) Jaz Lai - King of List Building
2) Alvin Phang - Blogging Expert
3) Eugene Ang - Pay-Per-Click Advertising Genius
4) Ewen Chia - Super Affiliate
5) Benjamin Marc Wee eBay Millionaire
6) Patric Chan - Niche Marketing Guru
7) Ian Del Carmen - Membership Website Mogul
8) Fabian Lim - Search Engine Marketing Expert

I strongly recommend you take a look at Asia's Dragons NOW, many bonuses included, you will be surprised:
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