Use Forums to Get Free Traffics to Your Site or Blog


Forums are good places to place your question and get your answer for all your doubts regarding your niche. A good forum place will have thousands of visitors per day. You can find many experts in the forum and seek for their friendly advice.

There are some benifits for you to participate a good forum:
1. You can indirectly promote yourself
2. You get to know more experts those can help you to your success
3. You can ask questions and get your answers, this will shorten your learning curve
4. You can get some good deals or special offers for forum members
5. You can make special offer to forum members and get testimonials from them
6. You can source many materials those related to your products
7. You can find other members who are interested to joint venture with you
8. You can put a signature below your posts, and drive prospects to your site
9. You can find reviews for certain products before you make purchase
10. You can get experts' review and advice for your site
11. You will be updated with latest news and trends in your niche
12. Forums are good places to interact with all experts in your niche and make friends with them. You offer your helps and they will help you also.

and many more ...

However, participating forums may be time consuming. So, choose one or two good forum places to participate is good enough for you to gain benefits for yourself. Beware of some spammers in the forums. And don't waste your time to participate in any argument.

As I am more focused in internet marketing niche. Here I provide the list of forums those you should use to get your traffic to your site. Look for the "Register" button in the links below. Create an account, login and then design your signature. Once set up, start participating. Different forum have different rules, so read and understand their rules first, else you may be banned.

Digital Point:

Warrior Forum :

V7N :

IM4Newbies :

IM Forum :

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