Getting Ideas for Viral Marketing


Just in case you are not familiar or no idea about what is viral marketing?

One of the campaigns from which you can draw inspiration is the hotmail campaign when it was newly launched. At the end of each email that was sent using hotmail account, you could find a line promoting the free email service. This meant that each hotmail user was in effect promoting hotmail whenever he/she sent an email to anyone!!! Now this is called free advertising. You don't need to do the hard work, let others do it for you.

Just imagine this scenario - if you can make 10 people spread your message to 10 persons each, who in turn reach to another 10 persons each and so on, then before long you can have thousands of people knowing about your service or product. All this for free and without hard work or time on your part.The best part about viral marketing is that even while you are sleeping the promotional work is probably still going on for you.

So, do you have any ideas of why people like to give away this report for FREE?

Here is the example!


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