From Disbelief to Belief. Is internet business a fake?


This post is specially dedicated to new comers who may still disbelief in internet business.

New comers, if you still think that internet business is a fake, you need to read this. You are right, don't simply belief to what other people say. You need to find enough proof before you jump into this business. I don't want you to blame me in future. If it is a fake, I am a victim also. And many other internet marketers are victims too.

If you don't belief anybody that can earn money online. Try to think about this question. Why you can get so good and free service from google, yahoo, msn, facebook, skype and many more free tools online? You think they are really all free? Yes, they are free for you and me, but where are their funds coming from in order to hire a really expert software guy to develop brilliant software like these? Are those software expert work for free? Definitely NO!

There is a huge, extremely huge business behind, until you can't imagine how they work. They are doing a trillion dollar business!

You use internet service for free, except the bill that you pay to your network service provider. Now, let us talk about google service. Who has sponsored google to provide services for you for free? You may say those website owners or merchants. Yes, you are right, if you are living in decades years ago.

Nowadays, google earns a lot from advertisement. Those advertisements are not only made by merchants, but also by a lot of internet marketers. Have you heard about google adwords, google adsense, and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign? You can put google adsense advertisements in your blog. If somebody click the advertisements, google will pay you a little bit commission. Then, who's sponsoring google? The answer is those internet marketers. Who pay to those internet marketers? The merchants or the product creaters. Ok, the question should be stopped here, else you may get crazy.

This is a simple picture for you. Can you see the business inside? Can you see the cash flow on internet now? Yes, this is internet business. They are people spending money online, and they are people earning money online. Of cause, you don't want to be the people who just know how to spend money online, do you? Good news for you, you can take part in this business also by working in front of your PC in your house with your favorite meal.

When I think about this, I was being open-minded. I am happy that I can take part in this internet business also. We can make money online if we master the skill. So, I hope this simple sharing can clear your doubts. Internet business is not a fake. Your question should be how can you start this online business?

If you don't have any skill yet, this is the easiest tool for you. Share my FREE report to your friends, I will try my best to guide you to earn money online. This is the cheapest way that I've found because you won't ask anybody to buy things. You give them free stuff.

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