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In this section I'll just like to share with you where you can get products to start your internet business. There are several famous places where you can find many products either digital or physical products. You need to join as an affiliate or associate in order for you to get commission after you make a sale.

Find tons of products to promote here:
1. ClickBank --> Digital products only
2. Amazon --> Physical and digital products
3. PayDotCom
4. Commission Junction

Besides that, you still can get tons of affiliate products when you google it. The key is how to choose a good product with good market demand. Not every products sell well. If you work on a poor convertion product, you will lost money, time and effort.

In order to sell these affiliate products, basically you don't need a website. You just need to get your affiliate link and promote your link. Of cause, this may not be an effective way.

I will share more on how to choose a good product and market it with several methods in my future post. So, please follow me :)


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