Drive Traffics To Your Site Or Blog Effectively


If you are using Internet for your business and contemplating how to drive traffic to your site or blog simply and effectively, then I have some very successful and handy tips for you.

Nowadays the marketing of a product is highly dependent upon online marketing than the traditional marketing methods. The site owner or blogger needs more hits or readers so as to ensure that their business flourishes along highly prosperous lines. To make that their business is a success, it is imperative that product awareness gets spread among more and more people. Driving traffic to your blog or site can be done very effectively and by following a few simple techniques.

It is very important to have an image in every kind of business and this image can be built through your site. The very first impression that you make on your visitors mind remains permanent. So give a striking first impression that can last a life time. There are many ways to increase traffic to your site or blog, but remember that all the traffic may not be useful.

Here are few ways to drive effective traffic to your site, which will turn out to be extremely beneficial for you:

1. The search engine placement of your site is a very effective way to drive the traffic to your site. The higher the site is placed, the more will be your traffic. The useful traffic will fetch you more business and your site or blog can earn you greater. You must be indexed by the bigger search engines like Google or Yahoo and your site must appear first.

2. Email marketing is also a very good method to drive traffic to your site. Send well written emails to the prospective customers so that they visit your sites. The emails must contain all the details of your business and must be written in perfect English. There should be no ambiguity in the content and it should be precise and business-like. You can also post emails before the launch of your product so as to create a curiosity in the mind of the customer to visit your site.

3. The social networking sites also help to drive a lot of traffic and prospective buyers to your site. This is because when you are chatting on the social networking sites, you meet different people from around the world. Many of them may be interested in your product.

4. Use automation tools like article aggregators and RSS plugins to drive traffic to your site.

5. The press releases also help to increase visitors to the site. The press release should be written in such a way that it creates both intrigue as well as information. The press releases are very effective means to drive the traffic.

6. Distribute your content at as many places as you can. You can post your content at many places like hobby boards, bookmarking sites, article directories etc. The contents need to be very effective as they form the very life of any site or blog. Unless the content of your site is impressive, getting quality traffic will not be that easy.

Following these few rules and techniques, you can be best assured that your site or blog will invite lots of traffic to boost your business.

How Does X-Easy Profits Help You As a Newbie?


Welcome on board, my new fellow friends!

First of all, I would like to congrat you as one of the pioneers to discover this new great opportunity to help you to earn money online. You will not be asked to sell anything but you just need to share this FREE report to your freinds, and you can probably earn money online.

This is going to be the easiest way for you to start your internet business journey if you are a low-budget investor.

To start a business, you need a product. X-Easy Profits is your product.

Do you need some initial investment?
No, X-Easy Profits is a totally free product, free tool and free system for you. However, X-Easy Profits will generate some modal for you in future.

You don't have any marketing skill?
Don't worry, I will share some useful tips in my blog from time to time. Since you are not going to sell anything, and this is a new product, you can start with very little skill.

What you need to do?
I can't give you free money if you don't work. All you need to do is share this report with your friends. Use an affiliate link given to you after you sign up. You'll need to register a PayPal, ClickBank and PayDotCom payment account to get your payment. Read through the FREE report to understand more.


My sincere advice to newbies:
Do have a correct mind set of setting up a business. If you are looking for a hurry money, X-Easy Profits will not be able to help you because you don't have any customer list yet. You will have to learn some skills of how to promote a product online now, before you invest any big bucks to buy other products. There are many free methods to help you to promote a product. You need to discipline yourself to spend times everyday to test and try to gain enough experience before you can start this internet business.
Correct mind set and discipline is truely important key to success.

However, I will recommend some good learning products to you in order to shorten your learning curve. These products are created by successful internet marketers. If you do have some budget, invest for their good skills and experience. If you really have very tight budget, then use the free methods that I'll share in my blog from time to time.

How Does X-Easy Profits Help You As an Experienced Internet Marketer?


As an internet marketer, you will agree with me that internet marketing is all about making multi-stream of income through internet. You can't depend on one or two products to earn luxurious income online, especially if you are in affiliate marketing. And here, I would like to said that if your niche is internet marketing, you probably face a very competitive situation now, unless you are an expert already. I am in your shoes also. I realize that I can't be a lone ranger in this competitive niche, I need some JV partners.

X-Easy Profits provide a good platform for affiliates to earn money together and share the profits.

I would like to share with you how I use X-Easy Profits to SAFE my prospects when I am promoting a product to them.

Let say I am launching a PPC campaign and promoting an e-book to my prospects. When somebody click onto my link, they are being brought to my salespage or my website. A convertion rate of 2~4% is consider very good enough if there are good traffic. So, more than 95% of my prospects are gone. Just before those visitors leave my site, I offer X-Easy Profits to them. Do you think they will take this free gift? Most of them yes. This gift looks very lucrative and benificial to them.

So, can you see how useful is my FREE report? And here, I am going to give you my FREE report also and you can use it as I do. You will be able to safe most of your prospects, and I'll share 50% of the profits with you as my affiliate.

How much extra profits are you going to earn if your refferals sign up? Check in my FREE report. There are still a lot of potential profits with this report. So, don't just let go this great opportunity to earn extra. More and more people are using it as the news is spreading tremendously fast.

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P.s My special offer here. As my affiliate, I will promote your product in my list also if you can show your great effort. However, I can offer this for the best 30 affiliates in my list only.

P.s.s This is a totally risk free, zero cost, win-win business! You lost nothing!

Use Forums to Get Free Traffics to Your Site or Blog


Forums are good places to place your question and get your answer for all your doubts regarding your niche. A good forum place will have thousands of visitors per day. You can find many experts in the forum and seek for their friendly advice.

There are some benifits for you to participate a good forum:
1. You can indirectly promote yourself
2. You get to know more experts those can help you to your success
3. You can ask questions and get your answers, this will shorten your learning curve
4. You can get some good deals or special offers for forum members
5. You can make special offer to forum members and get testimonials from them
6. You can source many materials those related to your products
7. You can find other members who are interested to joint venture with you
8. You can put a signature below your posts, and drive prospects to your site
9. You can find reviews for certain products before you make purchase
10. You can get experts' review and advice for your site
11. You will be updated with latest news and trends in your niche
12. Forums are good places to interact with all experts in your niche and make friends with them. You offer your helps and they will help you also.

and many more ...

However, participating forums may be time consuming. So, choose one or two good forum places to participate is good enough for you to gain benefits for yourself. Beware of some spammers in the forums. And don't waste your time to participate in any argument.

As I am more focused in internet marketing niche. Here I provide the list of forums those you should use to get your traffic to your site. Look for the "Register" button in the links below. Create an account, login and then design your signature. Once set up, start participating. Different forum have different rules, so read and understand their rules first, else you may be banned.

Digital Point:

Warrior Forum :

V7N :

IM4Newbies :

IM Forum :

Here I strongly recommend an e-book to help you to success in forum marketing.
Check Here -- > On Demand Profits
It is sold at very low price, and you can simply earn your money back.

Why More Than 90% of People Can't Success in Internet Business


Internet business is not equal to make money online! This is what my guru told me. Yes, both share one same objective, that is to earn money online. However, when we talk about a business, we have much more works to do. As a matter of this, most people fail in internet business, because most of them want to make money online without doing works, or as less work as possible.

When I was starting to get involve in internet marketing, I was lucky that my guru had told me to build a correct mindset. Treat "make money online" as a real business instead of just want to earn money online. Think for long-term profits, and be persistent in your works.

From what I had observed in some famous internet marketing forums, for example Digital Point and Warrior Forum, I did realize that most people are interested in making money online FAST, rather than building a strong internet business gradually. They want to see the results fast, in weeks or a month. If they can't see any good result, even they did earn a bit, they will switch to other campaign or methods. Eventually, they end up in buying more and more e-books or other make-money-online products. The good thing for these people is they are really trying and learning.

There is another group of people which can be worse than the above mentioned. These people are good in giving excuses. They claim that they have no time, no experience, don't know how to design website, don't know what to sell, don't know which is the best source to learn, worry of scammers, etc. They dare not to take any action, because they scare to fail. These kind of people will definitely won't success because they don't take any action.

I was surprised when I gave my X-EasyProfits to my customers for FREE and ask them to share with their friends so that they can earn money. They are not asking to sell any products, but to give away my report as a FREE gift to their friends in order to help them to earn some profits. If you can fail in a simple job like giving FREE stuff, I think there will be no more easier job to help you to start your online business already.

My advice is: take serious action to share away this FREE report and follow what I had taught you in the report, just you can see the results. This FREE report is a great tool for intermidiate IMers also in order to increase their online profits. You can earn extra with almost no extra work. So, Grab This!

FREE Resources for You to Start Your Internet Business


In this section I'll just like to share with you where you can get products to start your internet business. There are several famous places where you can find many products either digital or physical products. You need to join as an affiliate or associate in order for you to get commission after you make a sale.

Find tons of products to promote here:
1. ClickBank --> Digital products only
2. Amazon --> Physical and digital products
3. PayDotCom
4. Commission Junction

Besides that, you still can get tons of affiliate products when you google it. The key is how to choose a good product with good market demand. Not every products sell well. If you work on a poor convertion product, you will lost money, time and effort.

In order to sell these affiliate products, basically you don't need a website. You just need to get your affiliate link and promote your link. Of cause, this may not be an effective way.

I will share more on how to choose a good product and market it with several methods in my future post. So, please follow me :)

From Disbelief to Belief. Is internet business a fake?


This post is specially dedicated to new comers who may still disbelief in internet business.

New comers, if you still think that internet business is a fake, you need to read this. You are right, don't simply belief to what other people say. You need to find enough proof before you jump into this business. I don't want you to blame me in future. If it is a fake, I am a victim also. And many other internet marketers are victims too.

If you don't belief anybody that can earn money online. Try to think about this question. Why you can get so good and free service from google, yahoo, msn, facebook, skype and many more free tools online? You think they are really all free? Yes, they are free for you and me, but where are their funds coming from in order to hire a really expert software guy to develop brilliant software like these? Are those software expert work for free? Definitely NO!

There is a huge, extremely huge business behind, until you can't imagine how they work. They are doing a trillion dollar business!

You use internet service for free, except the bill that you pay to your network service provider. Now, let us talk about google service. Who has sponsored google to provide services for you for free? You may say those website owners or merchants. Yes, you are right, if you are living in decades years ago.

Nowadays, google earns a lot from advertisement. Those advertisements are not only made by merchants, but also by a lot of internet marketers. Have you heard about google adwords, google adsense, and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign? You can put google adsense advertisements in your blog. If somebody click the advertisements, google will pay you a little bit commission. Then, who's sponsoring google? The answer is those internet marketers. Who pay to those internet marketers? The merchants or the product creaters. Ok, the question should be stopped here, else you may get crazy.

This is a simple picture for you. Can you see the business inside? Can you see the cash flow on internet now? Yes, this is internet business. They are people spending money online, and they are people earning money online. Of cause, you don't want to be the people who just know how to spend money online, do you? Good news for you, you can take part in this business also by working in front of your PC in your house with your favorite meal.

When I think about this, I was being open-minded. I am happy that I can take part in this internet business also. We can make money online if we master the skill. So, I hope this simple sharing can clear your doubts. Internet business is not a fake. Your question should be how can you start this online business?

If you don't have any skill yet, this is the easiest tool for you. Share my FREE report to your friends, I will try my best to guide you to earn money online. This is the cheapest way that I've found because you won't ask anybody to buy things. You give them free stuff.

So, check this out! X-EasyProfits

What is Affiliate Marketing?


For new comers, 'affiliate marketing' can be a very new phrase to you. It is a way of earning money online by selling other people's products. An affiliate marketer is the sales person who helps merchant to promote and sell products in order to get commissions from the merchant.

In business world, merchants need more buyers, and buyers need certain products from merchants. So, an affiliate marketer is the 'middle man' between merchants and consumers. Thus, there is a truth here, a merchant who is willing to pay higher commissions to her affiliates, her products will be sold better and faster in volume. Merchants need affiliates' helps to promote for them. One of the good examples here is the iphone. Many affiliates earn handsome commissions by selling iphone. Of cause, these affiliates owning powerful skill to do that. If you don't have enough skill, you may not be able to earn that much.

The products are not necessarily must be physical products. Those products can be digital products like software and e-book also, which are much more easier to handle, because you just need to provide a link for them to download after the payment. You will get to know more and more funny products after you explore more.

The beauty of affiliate marketing are:
1. You no need to have your own products
2. You can sell any product
3. You no need to deliver the products or dealing with the warranty issues
4. You no need to keep stocks
5. You no need to have an website
6. You no need to write any salespage, you can do that if you want
7. You can use many promotion tools given by the merchants to help you to
promote their products, such as banners, email letters, articles etc...
8. Your business set-up cost is minimum

Sounds easy right?
However, you need to do proper market research before you put in your time and effort, and may be some advertisement costs. If you are selling a product with no market demand, you can hardly make any profit, or may be even lose money.
Good news here is, google provide a very helpful free tools for you to do market research. Try to play this:

Enter a product's name or keyword, google will show results for you.

So, enjoy it!

Beware of Internet Marketing Scammers


For those who are new to internet marketing, I will honestly say that it is not easy to start an online business. Starting an online business is different from make money online. A business is for long-term profits, while to make money online you can use many black hat or scamming methods to achieve it very fast.

There are many internet marketers claim themselves as an expert and want to sell their hot-sell products to you. But be careful, they earn money because they sell their products to you, not because their products can help you to earn money. Some will show you their bank account in a screen shot, but these may be fake also. They can simply edit the screen shot and show to you how much they have earned.

Then, you may ask me how to get a trusted internet marketer to help you? Very sorry I would say that you need to do some researches and studies before you fall into their tricks and be wise to judge yourself. Study their background first and may be the most easiest way is through your friend's recommendation.

I paid a sum of money to learn from gurus. I tried to learn myself before but I was congested and confused with all the information from the internet. Eventually, I decided to pay for my gurus in order to cut short my learning curve. I met these gurus from Global Internet Summit Penang 2009. However, I knew a few more successful gurus since last year, but just I dare not to take any action yet, because lack of confident like most of the other newbies.

X-EasyProfits is a newly developed product from an underground internet marketer. I strongly recommend it to low-budget newbies. If you don't want to invest any money yet in this business, you have to get this FREE product X-EasyProfits. Yes, it's FREE but you need to put in some effort and do some easy jobs. There is nothing totally free in this world, agree? If you want a FREE product to give you money with no effort, you are just dreaming!! No such thing and don't belief or be cheated by those gifts.

How X-EasyProfits can help you earn money online? Go and download this FREE report at and read through it to understand how it works. There is a logical science and mathematical formula working behind this system.

My sincere advice here, if you've earned some profits from X-EasyProfits, use the money to invest in some good quality products I'll recommend to you in future. Keep learning so that you won't be left behind. If you don't want to reinvest, your earning and knowledge will be limited at certain level. If you want to learn and earn faster, try out some cheap products those recommended to you. View these knowledge as an investment, you will gain back steadily in future. And probably we can joint venture to build our internet business together.


Why You Need to Learn Internet Marketing?


There are several reasons you must know.
1. This will be your back-up plan for unemployment
2. You can start up your own business
3. This is the cheapest way to start up a home business
4. If you can see my blog, you already have enough tools to start your
internet business today. You need a PC with internet access only.
5. You can work at anytime, anyplace and any season.
6. You can do international business without leaving your house
7. You gonna to have worldwide customer base
8. Your online office won't close down, you can earn money while you sleep
9. You no need any staff to work for you, until your business really growth
10. You can sell your own skills or your knowledge
11. You can sell other people's product to earn handsome commission
12. You will become a consultant for big company
13. Internet is getting more and more common today
14. This is a sunrise and booming industry
15. You need extra income to support your high-rise living cost
16. You will be financially free one day
17. You can enjoy your life


I belief that you have your own reasons to push yourself to earn more money. However, the more important thing is have you take any action? Do you know how to start? Do you put in effort to research and study how internet marketing works? If you don't take any action, you won't be able to success. Money won't fall down from sky.

In my blog here, I'll like to give you a FREE report to teach you how to use it to earn money online. However, we'll need to have an agreement upfront. You need to share this FREE report to at least 100 people. I don't ask you to sell anything, but just to give away for free to other people. But, make sure you read the contents in the report and understand it and follow the instructions to use it.

So, take your first move, or you won't learn anything
This will be the easiest tool that you can use to earn money online!

However, you no need to learn if you can live happily if you lost your job tomorrow.

Undeniable Proof That Internet Marketing Works


My internet marketing journey start from here actually. This is the book that I'll strongly recommend for newbies who want to start to learn internet marketing.

This book, Asia's Dragons, is a compilation of 8 informative and inspirational interviews on how 8 ordinary people went from completely ZERO to becoming very successful online.

If you have been skeptical about whether it is possible to make a living online, Asia's Dragons will remove your doubt forever.

The 8 Asian internet marketers featured in the Asia's Dragons are as follows:

1) Jaz Lai - King of List Building
2) Alvin Phang - Blogging Expert
3) Eugene Ang - Pay-Per-Click Advertising Genius
4) Ewen Chia - Super Affiliate
5) Benjamin Marc Wee eBay Millionaire
6) Patric Chan - Niche Marketing Guru
7) Ian Del Carmen - Membership Website Mogul
8) Fabian Lim - Search Engine Marketing Expert

I strongly recommend you take a look at Asia's Dragons NOW, many bonuses included, you will be surprised:
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Why Average People Remain Average By Patric Chan


If you do what you're expected to do, don't expect an outstanding result, my friend.

Study successful people and you'll sure to discover one thing that many of them would have in common... they live by that words of "always do more than what is expected of you."

I don't care. It could be sleeping an hour less everyday to have more time to build your wealth or whatsoever.

Whether you are mowing people's lawn or someone is mowing your lawn, when you are teaching a seminar or being a participant, or when sharing your knowledge or giving advice to your people, always do or give more than what people expect. Then they will flock around you, they will line up to meet you and be happy to support you in whatever thing that you want to do next.

If you're training to be a champion, don't just train like an average player. Train more than you're expected to train.

If you're building a multi-level marketing business, increase the numbers of prospects you would like to meet everyday. If it used to be 10, now you would have at least 12. By just increasing your effort 20%, you'll end up with 60 new prospects a month. Now, that's what I called exponential.

Trying to win a girl's heart? I'm not surprise that you could be "competing" with three other guys for the same girl. And you can only win if you're giving more than all of them if everyone's equal. I'm not saying giving more money or buying stuff' give love, time or whatever that counts to her.

Whenever you are interacting with people or in a relationship, treat the other party extremely well.

Whatever is expected of you in that relationship, be it with your girlfriend or business partner or client, your spouse or your friend, always do or give more than what is expected of you in that relationship for that is the secret of making it a success.

It is not that you have to do or give a whole lot more; you have to do just a little bit more than the rest. That's it. The 10mm-difference is what Anthony Robbins calls it for you to become outstanding... in any undertaking.

To do this, it's not difficult. But most people are just too lazy to put in the effort. I'm one of them but I'll always keep reminding myself this' winner takes all. There is no second place, my friend. I would rather strive with the extra effort to get #1 because the pay off is many times greater.

Do you remember who the second best basketball player is? Nope. You can remember Michael Jordan because he's #1. In fact, as far as I know, there's no such place as 'the second best basketball player'.

Who's the second fastest runner in the world? Who knows. I just know the #1.

Others have called this 'more than expected attitude' as 'going for the extra mile'. Notice that they don't say the extra 10 miles.

How come?

Because the average persons don't bother to do more than what is expected of them. I know it's sad but that's the truth.

To most people, "always do more than what is expected of you" are mere words and they don"t put substance to it because people are greedy and they just want to do the bare minimum to make money, to make a profit or whatever.

And guess what... successful people are never your average persons.

To be generous and to treat others extremely well, you must come from the perspective of abundance thinking. Then only "always doing more than what is expected of you" will come easy and naturally.

So the next time you are with somebody, or in a business negotiation, or just interacting with another person, ask how can I help you... without even expecting any return.

As the other saying goes-- you have to give, in order to get. In fact, if you want to gather riches you have to be as generous as you can. Touch people's lives profoundly, in ways that they would never forget. Give it forward... help another and that person will help another. Always do more than what is expected of you. Do this and the reward will come to you 10 folds or 100 folds when you are least expecting it.

Do you think you can do more than what you're doing today? Of course you can. The question is... DO YOU WANT OR NOT? You'll have to decide for your own future on that.

Patric Chan is an international speaker, author and the founder of The Success Trace Private Membership. Find out what are his other success strategies and get free gifts from Patric at

Patric Chan is a very successful internet marketer also. Watch this video on how to do keyword research before you start an internet business.

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Why You MUST Take My Report?


I bet you never see a FREE report like this before! It is extraordinary special because:

1. It is a FREE tool for you to start your own internet business at ZERO COST!

2. You no need to sell anything but you can earn money!

3. You no need to have your own website, or products.

4. You no need to bear any risk!

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What will you lost if you don't take it?

1. You lost a really big opportunity to start internet business at zero cost!

2. You gonna to work dead hard everyday

3. Your friends will blame you for not sharing with them

4. You will lost tons of money to buy other stuffs

5. You will regret forever for not trying this out.

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How is Viral List Building Doing with Marketing?


Viral list building leads to an amazing form of marketing method named viral marketing. Viral marketing refers to word of mouth marketing done through the internet. You can call it an online version of the word-of-mouth referral strategy that has become so common nowadays.In viral marketing other people will do the promotional work for you by referring their friends, relatives, colleagues etc. to your product or website.

Many top marketers rely on viral marketing for great results. The results you get from a viral marketing campaign may be more than 100 times greater than other forms of advertisement. The question is how do you make other people to promote you? What will compel these people to generate referrals for you? It may not be as difficult as you think. You just have to get a little bit creative here!

This is the way! Click Here!

Getting Ideas for Viral Marketing


Just in case you are not familiar or no idea about what is viral marketing?

One of the campaigns from which you can draw inspiration is the hotmail campaign when it was newly launched. At the end of each email that was sent using hotmail account, you could find a line promoting the free email service. This meant that each hotmail user was in effect promoting hotmail whenever he/she sent an email to anyone!!! Now this is called free advertising. You don't need to do the hard work, let others do it for you.

Just imagine this scenario - if you can make 10 people spread your message to 10 persons each, who in turn reach to another 10 persons each and so on, then before long you can have thousands of people knowing about your service or product. All this for free and without hard work or time on your part.The best part about viral marketing is that even while you are sleeping the promotional work is probably still going on for you.

So, do you have any ideas of why people like to give away this report for FREE?

Here is the example!

Introduction about X- Easy Profits


What is X-Easy Profits all about?

' X ' is a mystery, undiscovered, unbelivable method and could be many other secrecy means. 'Easy Profits' of cause is about a no-brainer way to earn money. X-EasyProfits will show you how internet marketer, even a very newbie, can earn money from this system. It helps internet marketers to drive traffics and build a massive list and soon can make a living doing nothing because it is virally marketed. This product will spread very fast like a virus!

And that's why the name born!!

Caution! This is not a normal FREE report! Money inside!

Why I write this blog?


I'm just started to compose a blog today. My reason is typically different from others. I do not mean to write a blog because I am lazy to update a blog. However, I am forced to do so. Why?

Recently, I've just launched a new product about traffic generating and list building in viral way, and I started to promote it in Warrior Forum and also Digital Point Forum. I think I got overwhelmed response from warriors and so Warrior Admin started to notice me. My signature, which was linked to my viral list building product had been cut off. I wrote a letter to admin asking for reason but they didn't get back to me. Luckily, one more tools that came to my mind is blogger. I can indirectly link you to my product and share this underground list building method with you all. Not bad also, I can write something here to share with you what is viral list building is all about. Must check this out at :) It's really cool!

And also in my blog, I'll like to share my journey of success in internet marketing to all of my blog visitors. I'll share the useful tools or materials those help me and may be you also to earn some profits from internet.

Stay with me so we can grow together :)


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