Twitter Marketing Success Recipe.


There are millions of users on the internet nowadays. All people are being given the same opportunity to register the same Twitter account. is that simple to use with no extra difficult function that needs any special skill from the users. However, why not everyone can success on Twitter? Let me put some imagination here. If everyone is being given a slice of beef and asked to prepare a dish with the beef. Can everyone cook the beef? Of cause they can. However, can everyone prepare a real delicious dish of beef? Not really.

Imagine that you are the cook for the beef, and you want to earn some income from your dish. What will you think when you are preparing the dish? Will you prepare a dish of beef that you only love to eat? Or you will think of your customers’ favorites? In order to earn maximum profits, you have to think for your customers, so that they are willing to pay money for your dish. The same principle is applied to you as a user. If you want to get maximum profits and success on Twitter, you need to have a correct mindset and think for your Twitter followers. What they love? And how can you fulfill their taste? Without a correct mindset and a clear goal for your business, you will definitely fail or just wasting your time on Twitter.

In order to make a delicious dish of beef, you will need some good ingredients. The ingredients can be simple or multifarious. The more important is how to mix the ingredients properly in order to give the best taste for the beef. Try to relate this to your account; your tweets are the main ingredients for your dish. What are you tweeting about? Are your tweets solely to sell and to promote links, which I saw mostly in my Twitter Followers account? Or you are likely to mix your tweets creatively with other delicious ingredients and finally capture your followers’ taste. Your Twitter followers will love you if you do show your efforts in preparing the best dish for them. When they are hungry, they will come to your restaurant to search for nice dishes, and you are on your way to success eventually.

Tasty and nice ingredients may still not enough for you to prepare a wonderful dish of beef. You will need some good tools to help you. There are many tools in cooking, but you are not necessarily to use all of those tools. Find out the major tools and make use of them. There are many Twitter tools and software on the internet nowadays. However, you will not need all of them for you to success on Twitter. These tools or software can help you to achieve success easier and faster, but you can not rely 100% on them. Your customers will prefer a special dish prepared by a real human with real effort, rather than a cup of instant mea prepared by an automatic machine. Having a food that is prepared by a machine is really dull.

I believe that those are the three major things for you to success in Twitter marketing: a correct mindset, your interesting tweets, and your tools. In Twitter Dynamics home study course, you will learn the correct way to use twitter, what can you tweet for your followers and some free tools that can assist you to achieve greater success on Twitter. I will say that is the easiest application for you to start an online business as a part time job, provided that you know how.

New Twitter Retweet Features Review

| adds in new retweet feature for users to make fun on Twitter by RT or retweet for friends. To me, this new feature has both its pros and cons.

Let's look at the old Retweet method that I applied normally.

1. When I came across interesting tweets, I will normally highlight the Twitter's user's name with his tweet first, in this example, it's a tweet from lizarddawg (see the above image). And then right click my mouse and select "copy", to copy the tweet into my clipboard.

2. Then I'll type in "RT @" before I paste the tweet of the person lizarddawg. For better interaction, you are encouraged to add in short personal comment. That's it, you can still use this method to retweet for your friends :)

Ok, let us see how about the new Twitter retweet feature. Basicaly, it helps you to retweet easier with one push button. See the image below. Click the retweet button and select "yes", that's it :) I believe you will find this more convenient for you.

Now, let us see how do you know your tweets get retweeted? When your followers retweet for you, they'll insert your name. In my case, they will put in "RT @ElvinTiong " in front of my tweets. And thus I can check those people who had mentioned my name in "@ElvinTiong" (Can you find where it is in the image below?). I always appreciate them who retweet for me. I'll reply them with a short thank you, so that I can start to build relationship with my followers. I can simply reply to few people at the same time easily.

As for new Twitter retweet feature, you can check your retweeted tweets also, in another new "Retweets" button located below "@ElvinTiong". See the image below.

Yes, you can see who had retweeted for you. The problem that I'm facing now is how to reply to everyone of them in one tweet? I am still looking for easier way to thank them in one tweet. I won't reply thanks to each of them one by one, as this may takes too much time and my followers will be frustrated for these thank you tweets. Imagine that if you have 10 people retweet for you and you need to thank them one by one, you'll gonna become a very frustrating poeple.

In my opinion, if can make some improvement by adding one more feature for us to reply them who retweet for us in one tweet, then Twitter will sure become a greater place for us to make friends :)

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More Targeted Twitter Followers with Optimized Account


Optimize your Twitter Account is a very important step for you to start on Twitter. This is for you to get more targeted followers easily and promote yourself effectively on Twitter. You will be able to get more follow-back if you follow other people on Twitter. And also, you can promote your blog or website indirectly to your new followers.

Many people get no clue what to do after registering a Twitter account. Let me share with you what will I do once I registered a new account on Twitter.

This is my Twitter Account :)

This is not a new account, but I will let you see what I have done for my Twitter account and you can follow it.

Once you opened a Twitter account, head to the "Settings" tab on the top right menu bar. It is actually between "Find People" and "Help" Tab. If you're not sure where it is, you can click here

And so, this is what I see in my account:

I've circled 4 important boxes that you'll need to take care of.

1. Name -- The best will be your real name. This is for your friends, or other people who know you to find you on Twitter easily. If you want to promote your business, this can be your company name.

2. Username -- You can share this link with your friends so that they can find you on Twitter. Use this link in your email, forums, blogs and even your name card to promote yourself.

3. More Info URL -- This is important for you to promote your blogs or websites. Take note of this example: Shorten your website URL to instead of These two links are definitely the same, but the first one is shorter and your followers can see your website name clearer. The "www." will take out some spaces and your website name cannot be displayed properly when your followers are looking at your profile.

4. One Line Bio -- This is particularly important for you to get more targeted followers in autopilot. Write short and detailed information about yourself. My personal example is "Use Twitter to build relationship and seeking possible JV partners in internet marketing field. Love social media, affiliate marketing & viral list building." With these information, other people can get me easily when they try to find people on Twitter or Twellow with the words "social media", "affiliate marketing", "Twitter", "viral list building" and so on. If you love dogs, try to put the word "dog" in your bio, and you will get many dog lovers to follow you and you can share your tweets with your followers.

Try to give these settings a try, and I am sure you can get hundreds of followers on Twitter easily and they are very targeted. Enjoy :)

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Why Retweet Rank is Important?


This is my retweet rank :) (Updated on 04 November 2009)

You can use to check your retweet rank also, and anybody you might interested in.

As you can see in the image, my retweet rank is #4109, or approx. 99.08 percentile of my tweets are retweeted by my Twitter followers. What does this RT shows me actually?

1. My followers are reading my tweets, directly or indirectly.
2. My name "Elvin Tiong" is spreading to thousands of Twitter users! More people will follow me.
3. My tweets are interesting enough for them.
4. I am building relationship, and trust with my Twitter Followers.
5. They are the real person who really read tweets.
6. I can make sales on Twitter, I make sales indeed.
7. I can have potential JV with my Twitter followers.

From my experience, most Twitter users do not realise the importance of "RT". This is particularly important for you to make friends with other big gun on Twitter. You will build a very strong empire on Twitter with a lot of real friends by retweeting.

I heard a lot of people saying that Twittering is a waste of time. Yes, it is, if you don't interact with your followers, if you tweet alone, if nobody read your tweets. If your tweets are all about promoting products, you will not get sales for long run business. Nobody want to be sold on Twitter. They want to learn. So, if you can give them value, you will get a lot of good followers, and they trust you and will probably buy products that recommended by you.

TwitterDynamics is a home study course that teaches you how to improve your retweet rank and make sales on Twitter. Your tweets will become more valuable to your followers and they will even search your tweets history. Doesn't this good for you on Twitter?

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Up-sell Technique in Internet Business


Originally by Patric Chan

Up-selling is a technique employed by leading e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and EBay, in order to boost their sales and though you may be some light years away from them, this could be used by you effectively too. And though this is a technique, there is not a lot different from up-selling and selling by themselves!

There are many ways you could up-sell a product, but before we get into knowing the easiest method, know that an up-sell is a product you wish to sell immediately after he has bought the first one. Needless to say, the second product or the product to be up-sold has to be related to the first product bought by the customer.

To the point – The easiest method to up-sell is to work on the 'checkout' page!

What you can do with the Checkout Page?

I’m not asking you to redesign the entire webpage. Follow this process to uncover the easiest method to up-sell.

First, identify your webpage which you want to include the upsell. It could be your product page, salesletter page,your newsletter subscription page, your thank you page and so on.

Then just add an option for them to include MORE products before they 'checkout'.

So if it’s a newsletter subscription page, ask them if they want to include a free trial offer to your other paid product before they click "Register" on your newsletter page.

If your page is a salesletter webpage, give them an option to include another of your product before they click the "Order Now" button.

Here’s another example – if your webpage is a shopping cart, you can always 'upsell' your prospects for them to add more quantity of the product that they're buying.

The list goes on.

Here are some things you would like to watch out for while up-selling:

- The product you up-sell needs to be somewhat related to the product the customer bought. The closer the correlation, the better it is for you because you'll get more sales.

- Write your up-selling ad as carefully and diligently as you would have designed your sales ad. Just the fact that the customer bought one product from you doesn’t mean he is sure to buy another!

- Up-sell but don’t push – Pushing is bad for any form of selling and the same applies in up-selling too. Inform the customer about your product and leave the choice to him. Also, bear in mind that you're adding more value to your
customer by offering greater solutions to them in your upsell products.

The method to up-sell your product is not as tough as you would have thought it to be. Basically, if you’re not integrating any upsell in your sales funnel, you’re literally losing money.

It'll cost you more time, effort and money to acquire a new customer compare to selling to an existing customer who already trust you and like your product.

Although the technicalities surrounding the deal make it a slightly tough nut to crack, but I can tell you that it's worth your time to explore this powerful marketing strategy.

1ClickUpgrade System is a free software that can be integrated into your existing website and allow you to create upsells within minutes!

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Common Mistakes On Twitter That We Make


Think of this if you are an internet marketer:
You on Twitter --> get followers --> promote product --> make sales

Is that true? Do you really make sales?
Most of you are not making sales, I guess.

When I was using Twitter, I ask myself these questions:
1. Who am I?
2. Why I need to follow other people?
3. Why other people follow me on Twitter?
4. I tweet great product, why no sale?

My answers to above question:
1. I am Elvin Tiong. So what?
2. I want to sell affiliate products on Twitter
3. They want to sell affiliate products to me
4. Why will I make sale?

Imagine this, you want to sell, all your followers want to sell, who want to spend money to buy all the products those are being promoted on Twitter? To avoid ourselves from being exposed to so many advertisements on Twitter, we never read other people's tweets. We use autotweet software to tweet as much as possible, hoping that we can make a sale. We use autofollow/ unfollow software to get as many followers as possible. We never read DM, or reply @ on Twitter. Is this you also?

That was my way of using Twitter. However, I realized that all those are the biggest mistakes that most of the Twitter users make. We shall use Twitter on the other way round.

We need to read tweets, DM and replies. We need to follow people manually. We have to tweets manually. We are not neccessarily to tweet so much.

Why? I will share the secrets in my future post.

Hope you don't mind to share your ways of using Twitter. Feel free to share here.

MRMIsupercashsystem For Beginners in Internet Marketing


MRMI supercash system is created by Stephen Pierce. The objective of this system is to help newbies who would like to learn how to make real money on the internet. Stephen Pierce teaches you step-by-step on how to earn money real fast, right now.

MRMI stands for Make Real Money on the Internet. Stephen shows you the shortest, simplest and direct way of earning money online. After you pay $1, you can get all the tools those will help you to make money, such as PLR websites, articles, eBook and softwares. (See All Here) Then he'll teach you how to drive traffics to your websites.

Ok, how to actually start an internet business at zero cost by following methods taught in MRMI supercash system? If you are beginners, you can continue your reading at .

Why You Fail with MRMI Program?


I had been a member of MRMI program for nearly two months and it is undeniable that Stephen Pierce really delivered good contents for his members.

The latest webinar is about how to set up a set-and-forget blog. He teaches you how to do correct keyword research, then buy a good domain name and cheap hosting in order to host your worpress blog.

The powerful thing is he teaches you how to set-up an autoblogging blog. Then your blog will be automatically updated with amazon products, clickbank products, ebay products, and youtube video. Every blog post comes with some comments also, fantastic!

I personally still in learning process and I am not sure how good and effective will the blog be. However, I will definitely give it a try. if I can successfully set-up the autoblogging blog, I believe that I can easily earn more passive income without doing much works. As MRMI members, you can get free plug-in and softwares for autoblogging. There are free manual to teach you step-by-step on how to set your auto blog also.

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After watching this webinar, one thought comes to my mind. By following his methods, there will be no way for you to fail to earn some money on the internet.

So, why can you fail again with these powerful MRMI program trainings? The reasons are:

1. You do not take action! This is one of the major reasons that 90% of the people fail to earn money from the internet, include MRMI members.

2. You do not want to invest. Yes, there are a lot of free information online, but you can't get real good results with free information. At the end of the day, you get information overloaded. Stephen Pierce will teach you how to start you internet business with minimum investment. Many methods are at zero cost also!

3. You cannot focus. This is because you are following too many courses. There are many so call 'gurus' offer their 'best' courses for you and you learn from everyone of them. In the end, you learn nothing, or you can't master any skill. I am glad that I'm following the world#1 internet wealth advocate. I heard about Stephen Pierce long time ago and I know some of his successful students. I hope I will become one of them.

By elimating the above reasons, I believe that you and me are on our way to success. We may not be able to become millionare so fast, but at least we'll earn more passive insome easily online.

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10 Biggest Mistakes of Twitter Entrepreneurs


1. Tweets nonsense. Tweets a lot but no useful information.

2. Tweets too little, or no tweet at all.

3. Keep promoting. No people will like to see your tweets.

4. Not follow other people. Waiting for other people to follow.

5. Not update their Bio. Other people don't know about you or your business.

6. Follow anyone. Most of the followers will be 'spammers' those will not listen to you.

7. Unfollow the experts because they don't follow. You will lose useful tips and information.

8. Use autofollow or autotweet software too much. No people like to be friend with twitter machine.

9. Never reply to friends. You will not build relationship with your followers.

10. Focus in getting followers, and promoting to get money! Eventually, you gain nothing and give up! You'll claim that "Twittering is a waste of time"

10 Solid Benefits for Twitter Entrepreneurs


1. Instant messaging with your families, friends, or business partners from whole over the world.

2. Make new friends, and joint venture or business partners.

3. Broadcast yourself to the latest news of the world.

4. Meet with real experts, keep in touch and learn from them.

5. Brand yourself or your business positively to the world. Even you are nobody, you can probably brand yourself as an expert in certain field.

6. Get to know more about what your competitors are doing, their new products or promotions. Understand your enemies or competitors.

7. Find useful information from experts’ blogs, these free information can save you lots of money. Ask questions to get answers.

8. Promote your business or products to thousands of your followers.

9. Get coupon code and special price for promotional products those you really want, save your money.

10. If you are a real expert in your field, you can suck people from whole over the world to follow you and make even more income.

Free Money Book from Stephen Pierce


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Success on Twitter with More Followers?


In 2008, it was rare to see a Twitter user whose followers count is into the thousands. They are normally celebrities, popular bloggers, marketers with a strong following, or someone who has exceptionally many friends.

But today, it's not uncommon to see a lot of Twitter users whose followers count is into the 4-figures, and a lot with 5-figures too!

Does this mean that people are truly connected all around the network? Do they really have so many friends and following?

OR... are many of them just using 'spam' software to get many people to follow them on Twitter?

You see, I used to 'chase numbers'. I wanted to have 10,000 Followers and beyond on Twitter.

That thought might have entered your mind too. Now while there's absolutely nothing wrong at all with getting a lot of Followers on Twitter (I encourage it, in fact) the problem with that thinking is it often doesn't help your business, really.

Say what?

Case in point:
You've probably heard email marketers telling you that a list of buyers are more responsive than a list of freebie seekers.

Just as a list of 1,000 buyers are BETTER than 10,000 freebie seekers with no purchasing power, the same holds true for your Twitter account value.

Today, I rather have 1,000 *true* Followers who know me, want to read what I have to say vs. 10,000 people who are actually using blackhat software just to beef up their Twitter Followers count.

Ultimately, we all want to convert these Followers into Buyers.

In my Twitter Dynamics course, I teach relationship building with your Twitter Followers. Even if they've not heard of you until just yesterday.

While a lot of courses out there focus on how you can get people to follow you on Twitter, I put special emphasis on responsive-building and relationship building.

Because that's where the money is.

No software can help you achieve that.

Click here to learn how to convert your Twitter Followers into buyers now:


Why Use Twitter at All?


When was first launched in 2006, it was not popular for quite some time. It does not have very attractive website design at all. Back then, many people did not know what it was and how it works. Very few people were convinced of Twitter's use.

"Why would I want to tell other people what I am doing now?"
"I do not have time for that. If I spend all the time writing what I am doing now, I might as well be spending the time doing it, right?"
"Doesn't FaceBook already has that? It is in the 'status'."

However in just 2 short years, Twitter had successfully developed what I call the QUANTUM LEAP.

In 2008, Twitter started to grow rapidly and people from various backgrounds, organizations, countries, social circles, etc. started to use Twitter, even if it is just for fun. People from different places started to connect to each other on Twitter, sharing their short messages with their daily activities, such as watching television with cats, drinking coffee mix with tomatoes, etc.

Then some smart marketers, as well as some big corporate started to recognize the opportunities in Twitter. They saw Twitter in a way different from others. They know that they can use free Twitter service to expand their businesses.

As of March 2009, has a conservative estimate of at least 6 million users and counting!

So why use Twitter for your business? I have hinted 2 good reasons to you already. Firstly, being that there are various types of users on Twitter, and secondly being the exponential growth of its users. ranks one of the top websites online where people spend most of their time on, besides Facebook and YouTube. So imagine - if you start peddling your products on a free-of-charge environment, where your prospects are hanging around and spending most of their time on? And it's not just one or two types of people or a particular group. There are various Twitter users online and each group and category, large enough to be a profitable niche on its own!

Twitter users are so much so that big companies and big businesses like Starbucks and TESCO do not think it is not too small for their own size, either!

This is why I created the Twitter Dynamics guide for small Internet Business owners. There has been no previous time where one person can wield so much power and profit potential just sitting from home, and typing away just a few characters over the keyboard.

Yet your message - if crafted correctly - can be highly captivating and highly profitable.

Only if you know what and how to do it.

MRMI - Earn Money From Blogger


I was just finished watching another recorded webinar by Stephen Pierce, and it was about how to earn money from blogger. I would say that Stephen delivered another great information for his MRMI members. Unlike other marketers, Stephen teach his members, include myself, using blogger to earn money online. This is a very good method for beginners because all the methods those he taught are free, no cost involved again. He does not promote other products and ask you to buy again, this is why I love his webinars!

In order to help you to achieve result faster, he even give you free software to be used in blog marketing, and software tutorial also! Thanks again to Stephen! I really can't belief that I can get so many things from him for $1 investment only. This is the best $1 that I have ever spent!

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You may wonder if you can watch the webinars in past few months. Don't worry. I would say that Stephen Pierce is really generous because I can even watch the recorded webinar on May 2009.

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MRMI with X-EasyProfits System for Beginners' Help


If you are new to internet marketing and do not know how to get the affiliate link for X-EasyProfits and Stephen Pierce MRMI offer, I'm willing to offer my helps to help you to set up this two-in-one affiliate product. You can promote these two products together in one affiliate link only, or even three affiliate products together in one affiliate link.

However, you'll need to get this MRMI special offer first. Click Here. (Hope the price is still remain $1 at this time)

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After that, you can reply to X-EasyProfits with your MRMI receipt of purchase attached. I will reply to you what you'll need to do next.

After you have set-up the X-EasyProfits System + MRMI Super Cash promo, you can start to promote them by giving away X-EasySystem for FREE. If your referals sign up X-EasyProfits, they will be redirected to MRMI SuperCash Promo and you have chances to make sales.

Looking forward your email. Wish you success!

X-Easy Profits PLUS MRMI Offer = Super Easy Profits!


There are quite a number of people have taken this MRMI special offer program. Now, if you are new to internet marketing, I have a system free for you here --> X-EasyProfits. This free system will assist you to recover your investment easily and earn money online faster.

Since MRMI requires $1 only to join now, and it is offered by such a very well known top gun in internet marketing, it won’t be difficult to sell. But newbies may still face some difficulties. Ok, I'll make it easier. Remember that X-EasyProfits has a customizable redirect link for you? If you join as X-EasyProfits affiliate, you can customize the redirect URL to other affiliate product. In this case, I am refering to MRMI.

If you set the X-EasyProfits redirect URL to your MRMI affiliate link, you can promote two products at one time. Commission that you’ll earn from MRMI, keep 100% of it. I won’t take a penny. Both X-EasyProfits and MRMI can bring you long-term profits. Isn’t this great? X-EasyProfits is a totally free system, all you need to do is to refer your friends to your X-EasyProfits affiliate link. Tell your friends, “Hey, do you want to earn some extra money online easily? I came across a cool website, and it’s free to join, here…(your affiliate link)”

Once your friends have signed up X-EasyProfits(through your affiliate link), they will be redirected to your MRMI affiliate link, and find this great offer of $1 as an upgrade. You have the chance to refer a sale for MRMI program now and earn 100% commission!

You will learn a lot of marketing techniques from MRMI. Use those techniques to drive traffics to your blog. Create a blog that is promoting MRMI and X-EasyProfits at the same time. If your blog visitors interested in MRMI, then let them join. If they want something free, then they will get X-EasyProfits and be redirected to MRMI offer also, and you still have the chance to earn MRMI commission.

Ok, what you need to do now?
1. Join MRMI Supercash here
2. Sign-up X-Easy Profits System here

You are on your way to earn money online!

How To Get Into The Right Market


Not targeting your market is like bowling blindfolded. Maybe you get lucky, maybe you don't. And attempting to market to a general audience is not a successful way to run a business.

These are the four factors you'll need to consider knowing:

1. Who will be your potential customers? For example, if you are setting up a website that discusses alternative medicine, you can bet your target audience is not going to be video gamers! They must share the same interest or affinity towards your niche.

2. What is the best way to know your market's behavior and preference? The easiest way is to conduct survey on your website (provided you already have ongoing visitors). Make your list a part of the process, and have them tell you what they really want and need.

If you can can't do that, then spend a little bit time at the forums that are related to your market and learn what people are looking for, or what do they need to know. This is one of the best resources available to the savvy marketer, and should be taken full advantage of.

3. Choose the proper target market. In the preceding example, we used the analogy of video gamers and alternative medicine. If you are promoting a high ticket product, it makes little sense to market to people who are not willing or able to pay for your product. Do they have access to your services? Is enough information available to them to make the right decision and reach for their wallets? Is the niche you are planning on promoting saturated and have heavy competition? Just who is the competition?

4. Chose the proper customer profile. This goes a long way in guiding your sales efforts, and also helps you to know whom you are promoting to. Learn the language of the niche - each niche has its own specific language and slang that is used in talking about it. You need to sound believable and show credibility. Nothing will drive your potential customers away quicker than the fact you don't speak their language.

Although this simple guide does not go into enough detail to run a proper market analysis, it gives you a good overview of what to look for, and the type of information to gather, whether through a custom built survey, or through hiring a market consultant to run the demographics for you. Either way, knowing your market is half the battle, and does not leave you wondering what your market really needs.

Do you want to cut your time doing market researches? Then do 'local niche marketing' where you'll have almost no competition. Here's clear set of directions to follow to start a profitable local niche business.
To learn more, Click here.

Success in Affiliate Marketing - 6 Effective Ways


Well thought-out in the present day as one of the superlative and easiest way to earn some money, affiliate marketing is now attracting lots of people to represent themselves in this type of business. But as competition is getting tougher, you may need some ways to discern yourself from the rest of the affiliate marketers. For the major reason that many of your competitors including you are promoting the exact same program, in the exact same zone or on the exact same websites perhaps. Now here are some tips that you may consider in order for you to stay in this business and have the chance to outwit and outplay other competitors of yours.

1. Having your own website. It is very crucial for you to have your own website in considering affiliate marketing as your specialized career. The reason is to let potential customers go to the website in order for them to search and sometimes purchase items they were looking for. For the same reason that it is much easier to remember than a certain URL that you may be using and you can just point to your visitors the affiliate page in your website.

2. Having your own advertisement. Most affiliate marketers have published the same ad two or three times done by advertisers. Your potential customers may become immune to the same ads already. And sometimes seeing the same ads over and over again, may just make your potential customers to just skip it all together. Besides, your primarily purpose is to attract or encourage people to click and read your ads and be curios enough to click through your website.

3. Having some products of your own which are only available through your website. Once you have your website going, it is important to have some products or services that your customers can’t find with other affiliate’s site. You want your customers to keep coming to your site and the best way to do that is to have something on your site that they can’t find on others. Being an affiliate marketer we must then choose a certain market segment where you can have a potential leadership or at least a strong challenger role.

4. Build a strong relationship with people who already buy your product. Now, in order for you as the marketer to fully answer the query of your potential customers, it is best to try and buy the product by yourself. With this particular notion, you can better sell the product that you are trying to market. You can share to your potential customers what a great experience you had with the product, and this can make them interested enough to buy the product. You may also be able to provide a support if necessary or you may provide a confident tutorial or steps on how to use the product that you are trying to market based on your personal experience. Entailing this idea is to be totally honest about the product that you are trying to market. If you find out that the program you were promoting is a scam, stop promoting it and inform your readers about it. This will help you build credibility with your lists.

5. We all make mistakes and admitting your mistake will boost your reader’s confidence in you. Lastly, don’t try to market everything you see. With services such as click bank, it is easy to become overwhelmed and try to market everything in the click bank marketplace. That is not a good idea. It’s better to focus on one market and market products that they would want. This is called niche marketing.

6. Try also to promote a certain product, which conforms to the specifications measured through indications of customer-satisfaction, rather than indicators of self-gratification. It is the customer who decides what to buy and not the company or the affiliate marketer. The company simply produces products catering to the needs and wants of their chosen market segment.

Today, different types of business are emerging from all over the world in a multinational level to reign supreme on their specific market segment that they are trying to dominate, and affiliate marketing is one of them. Affiliate marketing is definitely here to stay and it can become a great way to earn extra or even part time income. However, it won’t happen overnight. Like everything else in life, you’re going to have to put a lot of hard work into it. Good luck to you in your new venture.

Stephen Pierce MRMI Webinar Example


I was busy and I missed one of the live webinars from Stephen Pierce. But thanks to Stephen that he had recorded the webinar and allow me to watch it over and over again.

The webinar is teaching us how to earn money from Yahoo Answer.
I think this will be one of the best way for young generation now to start earning money online or even a business online at no cost at all!

How to earn money online actually?

The idea is very simple.

Stephen Pierce teach us how to find a good product which is selling well and very demanding on clickbank. Then we promote the product and earn affiliate commisisons.

Where to find customers?
In Yahoo!
Stephen Pierce teach us how to find the people who are asking questions and seeking for answers in Yahoo. Those people are seeking for helps. For example: The people who are asking how to cure anxiety?

Then what you need to do is to give those people your answers in a smart way and introduce them the good affiliate product from clickbank. Most of the time, those people will read your answers and recommendation.

If the people buy the product recommended by you, you will earn the commissions.
You know, there are a lot of people asking for the same or similar question. And you just need to give all of them the similar answer.

Repeat those process several times a day, and you can see good earning in your clickbank account.

Interesting, right? This is how you can start your internet business at zero cost!

To learn more, you need to click here.
It's not a free course.

So, how much is the price?

$1 ONLY right now!!

But I'm not sure when will the offer ends.

So, better to act fast.

Your Success To Internet Business start from today here!

Other interesting webinar topic include:
1. Classified Ads
2. Blog marketing
3. Twitter marketing
4. Forum marketing
5. Google adwords
6. Video marketing
7. Create opt-ins and autoresponders
8. Blogs tips and tricks

Those webinar are very informative and new topics are keeped to add in. I think it covers all you need to know about internet marketing already. For the price of $1 only, it has be top ranked as the best online course in 2009!

For more information, pls check here!

Free eBook by Stephen Pierce


Hi friends,

If you are really serius to earn some extra income online, I strongly recommend you to get this free eBook from Stephen Pierce.

Free eBook from Stephen Pierce Here!

In this free ebook, Stephen Pierce will teach you how to start your internet business at zero cost. He is the world's #1 internet wealth advocate that really worth to follow. You will learn a lot of easy and practical way to earn extra income from internet, at least you can settle your monthly bill with those income, not bad right?

You are encouraged to read through the whole eBook and understand what he's going to teach you. This eBook with real information is free. If I can meet him earlier, sure I could save a lot of money.

So, get this FREE eBook here!

Wish you success!

Review-Stephen Pierce MRMI $1 Offer!


Ask yourself, if you have $1 only in hand:
What can you buy in the market?
Can you buy any educational course?
Can you have a meal?
Can you take any transportation service? Bus may be.
Can you attend any coaching seminar?
Can you get any consultation? Yet, it’s high quality!

Definitely NO, you can’t do anything with $1 NOW!
$1 is almost no value in present time.

Everyone, include myself, is lucky this year. Stephen Pierce, a world class internet wealth advocates, want you to maximize the value of your 1 dollar in hand. He makes his greatest offer now for $1 ONLY in 2009. I personally can’t belief this offer for the first time. But after thinking a while, what is the value of 1 dollar to me? If I am being cheated, what will I lost? 1 dollar only!

The offer is here!

Take or not? I decided to take this offer a try. You know what I get?

Here are the things those I get:
1. 70 minute streaming video of “Real Money, Real Fast!”, motivate me and you to get started my own internet business.
2. 7 steps to success online worksheet
3. Success proven diagram, show me exactly what to do – step-by-step
4. 12 instant online income website, I can earn 100% profits from them
5. 12 Google adsense ready website, I can earn money from Google
6. 5 instant traffic video, teach me step-by-step on how to get people visit my website and make sales
7. Free easy to use tools, softwares
8. Weekly coaching sessions, LIVE! – I personally feel that this is the most valuable!

This offer is really awesome! Stephen Pierce teach you and me what exactly we need to do for you to start our internet business and expand the it for $1 ONLY. If you are hardworking enough, you can see your results in less than one month.

Must visit here to know more!

Friendly reminder, this offer will end in no time, and the actual price will be $97 soon!

Why Use Twitter !?


If you are still wondering about why you need to get involved in Twitter, these are some interesting articles those you can read. It proves the potential of Twitter and how it will affect you, me and this world in future!

The Future of Twitter
By 24/7 WALL ST.
...As Twitter grows, it will increasingly become a place where companies build brands, do research, send information to customers, conduct e-commerce and create communities for their users. Some industries, like local retail, could be transformed by Twitter — both at one-store operations that cater to customers within a few blocks of their locations and at the individual stores of giant retail operations like Wal-Mart (WMT). In either case, having the opportunity to tell customers about attractive sales and new products can be done at remarkably low cost while providing for greater geographic accuracy... Read more

Starbucks Recruits Twitter Followers for New Campaign
by Dan Leahul, Brand Republic 19-May-09
LONDON - Starbucks is hoping to harness the power of social media with a new ad campaign aimed at creating an online conversation between younger coffee drinkers...
Read more

10 Ways Twitter Will Change American Business
These are articles from TIME in partnership with CNN
1. Hyper-Local Marketing... Read more
2. Making Old-World Advertising Work... Read more
3. Turning Wall Street on Its Head... Read more
4. Making Blogs Count... Read more
5. New Ways to Get Consumer Data... Read more
6. Helping TV and Print... Read more
7. Expanding the Power of Micropayments... Read more
8. Changing Telecommunications... Read more
9. A New Way for the Government to Reach You... Read more
10. Charity Begins Online... Read more

I strongly belief that Twitter will keep growing and benefits its users. Although Twitter was born about three years ago, but it has become part of millions peoples' life in present days. More and more corporates get involved because they want to get connected with their customers or potential customers.

Twitter is not for big companies only, but it can benefits anybody like you and me also. I did quite a lot of researches on Twitter and try to dig this gold mine and I'm glad that I manage to crack the code. I found that Twitter is really useful for internet business. However, not many people success in Twitter because they don't use Twitter correctly. They treat Twitter as spamming tool!

It is with great pleasure for me to introduce to you...

Your Digital Home Study Course On How To Create Your Very Own Magnetic Twitter Profile That Pulls In THOUSANDS Of Loyal Followers, Get HIGHLY PROFITABLE Joint Venture Deals, And Reach Your Pool Of Ready Buyers - All In One Tweet Away!

Twitter is not just playing with number of followers, there are a lot more beyond that! I can't admit that followers are important, but the responsive targeted followers are even more important. 1K followers can be better than 10K of followers!

My comprehensive course about Twitter! Twitter Dynamics for your internet business! Learn how to create wealth from Twitter correctly today!

50 Blogging Ideas by John Yeo


I came across this article today and I think it is really useful for me and my friends. Blogging is a way for you to start your own internet business at almost zero cost! However, most of us just don't have enough idea of what to write in our blog. Do take some time to read through this article.

What's the hardest thing about blogging? Coming up with fresh, new content! And you have to publish new posts frequently - twice a week at the very least - to keep readers interested and earn search engine love.

If you're feeling stuck, here is a list of 50 blogging ideas that are sure to inspire you to come up with new content for your blog. Most of the ideas can be used more than once, so you won't run out of blog posts for months to come.

And by the way, if you want to make more money from your blog, I strongly recommend you to have a look here at Blogger's Paycheck shows you how to make passive income from your blog without spending all day at it!

1. Special events - Relate your blog topic to a special event, national day of, or holiday.

2. News - Subscribe to Google news alert on your keywords and write about the latest news in your niche.

3. Book review.

4. Respond to a post on another blog in a niche similar or related to yours.

5. Blog milestone - Write about your blogging milestones, such as publishing your 100th post, getting your 1000th comment....

6. Niche heroes -Blog about a person who made a positive contribution in your niche.

7. Blog memes - Join in blog memes such as "Wordless Wednesday". There's at least one for every day of the week!

8. Product review - An excellent way to work in some affiliate links.

9. FAQs in your niche - Write a short Q & A based on FAQs about your niche.

10. Blog comment response - Write a long and expanded response to a comment on your blog.

11. Predict trends - What do you see happening in your niche in a year? 5 years?

12. Historical view - What was your niche in the past? Or what past event influenced your niche?

13. Top tips on any topic of interest to your readers.

14. Best of... - A good year ender, make a list of your best posts for the year.

15. Contests - Organize a contest for your blog readers, or make a list of contests your readers can join.

16. What I learned from... a current event, a person you met, or an experience you had.

17. Definitions - Define terms that are commonly used in your niche but a beginner may not understand

18. New products - Not a review but simply an announcement of a new product relevant to your niche. This is another good opportunity to drop in some affiliate links.

19. Biggest problem - Ask your readers what their biggest problem is about your blog topic or niche. They post their answers in the comments section.

20. Biggest problem follow up - Summarize the comments from #19 in another post.

21. Biggest problem follow up series - Write a separate blog post tackling each question from #19.

22. Interview somebody knowledgeable in your niche, or has succeeded in it, or is otherwise interesting to your readers.

23. Big list - Compile a big list of various resources, just like this one. The bigger the better!

24. Reader Survey - Put up a brief survey online and blog about the results.

25. Be provocative. Challenge a common belief or widely accepted idea in your niche.

26. New idea - What new idea about your blog topic or niche have you come across lately?

27. YouTube - Embed a funny, moving or insightful video on YouTube. You can even have a "video day" once a week.

28. YouTube version 2 - Make YOUR own YouTube video. Publish it on YouTube then embed on your blog. This way, you can attract traffic from YouTube to your blog.

29. Freebie - Scour the 'net for freebies that your readers will love. Or create a freebie of your own, such as a checklist or special report.

30. Personal story - Use a personal story to illustrate an important concept or principle in your niche.

31. Free to publish articles - Check out relevant articles in article directories such as Ezine Articles... but don't publish them entirely on your blog. Instead, use an article or a group of articles as your take-off point for a blog post, or several.

32. Link love - This is a post with links to other blogs. Some bloggers set aside one day a week to publish a list of the best blog posts on their topic.

33. Photo - A picture is worth thousand words, right? Search Flickr for creative commons pictures that your readers will like.

34. Hot topics - Look at Digg for hot topics in your niche

35. Pros and cons - Examine what's good and bad about something related to your blog topic

36. Respond to relevant questions you find in

37. Guest post - Invite another blogger to write a guest post for your blog

38. Reader's post - Invite blog subscribers to submit an article or post to be published on the blog

39. Inspirational post - Write a motivational post for your readers.

40. Update an old post with fresh ideas, new learnings and current research findings.

41. Beginner's guide - What do beginners in your niche struggle with? Write a post to guide them through it.

Best list - Patterned after "best dressed lists" make a list of the best ___ in your niche.

43. Worst list - Make your version of the "worst dressed list" for your niche.

44. New uses for - Think of new ways your readers can use gadgets and other stuff.

45. Write about a live event that you attended and what you learned from it.

46. Bribe post - Bribe your readers with a freebie in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter or RSS feed.

47. Around the world - Compare how people in different countries do something related to your niche.

48. Seasonal - Relate the month or season to your blog topic.

49. Blog carnival - Join or host a blog carnival, where several publish posts about the same topic on the same day.

50. Host a virtual "conference" on your blog - Invite "speakers" to publish their post on a specified date and time. Q&A happens in the comments section.

Now that you've got a steady flow of fresh content, how do you actually make money from your blog? Visit Blogger's Paycheck for a step-by-step guide on blogging for profit.

Get Listed on First Page of Google Under 24-hours!


Here is another great knowledge I've learned today! Every website need SEO!

It is particularly important for me and your website to get listed by Google as soon as possible in order to get more traffics. I talk about Google (and most of the gurus also) because it is the best search engine in this planet right now! Ask yourself, are you using Google or Yahoo or other search engine for web browsing? You should got the answer for yourself.

In order to get listed fast by Google, you and me must know some basic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And most gurus will teach you about Google SEO. There are a lot of things to learn in SEO, I'll need some time to browse the net and learn myself also. You'll need to keep updated with the knowledge of SEO also because Google will change its search engine method from time to time.

In short, there are several things those you and me need to learn for SEO:
1. Keywords research
2. Analyze competition for the keywords
3. Squidoo, Blogspot and Ezinearticles
4. Articles writing
5. Link building
6. Drive traffics

and many more.

For details, I strongly recommend you to visit here:

Why Twitter is so Great!


I came across these news recently and I would like to record it here.

DELL Surpasses $2 Million on Twitter!
For detail please read

This is an undeniable proof to show that Twitter is really a great tool for marketing today! Followers of @DellOutlet keep increasing day by day,and I am one of it:p

Why I follow @DellOutlet in Twitter? Because I need to search a good laptop for my business. Dell will make announcement on Twitter to keep her followers updated. Dell will make Twitter-exclusive offer for their followers. Dell collects feedback of their customers from Twitter also. With some Twitter tools helps, we can keep track of what other people are talking about DELL and DELL can do this also.

Isn't Twitter a great tool for marketing?

Since more and more companies start to use Twitter for their businesses, here is another great news!

Twitter pro accounts coming by end of '09
For detail, please read decided to sell pro accounts to companies who use it's service for businesses. But now, they are facing difficulties to determine which are the companies are considered 'doing business on Twitter'.

Will us, as internet marketers, will be charged also for the Twitter service?
However, this shows that more companies see the great potential of Twitter and started to get involved.

So, do you want to success in Twitter also?

Feel free to check out my product!

You can achieve great success on Twitter also in two months time!

$1 MRMI SuperCash Promo from Stephen Pierce


Wow, this can be your best chance in year 2009 to start your own internet business with merely $1 coaching fee from world class internet marketer, Stephen Pierce! I know him quite some time and really admire him for his achievements in internet marketing.

I would like to share this press release to you all. Please take few minutes to read through.

WHITNEY, TX - July 17, 2009 - Stephen Pierce, the World’s #1 Internet Wealth Advocate, announces the launch of his new website to teach people how to make real money on the internet! Click Here!

Pierce has appeared on FOX News, NBC News, ABC News, CBS, DayTime, Daystar, ABC News Radio, Bloomberg Business Radio and other major network TV stations and cable shows radio programs to explain to audiences how they, too, can make money from their homes on the internet they way Pierce has the past ten years.

"It takes as much time to stay broke as it does to earn $100,000 per month," says Pierce. "The key to surviving in a down economy isn't a second job. It's passive residual income from work you only do one time. I teach you exactly how to do that."

A MRMI Super Cash membership gives people the ongoing support they need as they create online businesses from their homes yet it is also priced very economically so that it can fit most any budget. The initial fee is only $1.

"I’ve never forgotten what it was like to literally own nothing. I would’ve given anything for a little bit of guidance at the beginning. I would have loved a real step-by-step money making system like my MRMI Super Cash system years ago. It would have helped me to avoid costly mistakes and succeed much faster," says Pierce.

Members will receive the following as part of their membership:

* Weekly coaching sessions - Live weekly webinars where members can get their questions answered.

* 12 Instant Income Machines - These are 12 ready-to-go websites where members "Just Add Traffic" and keep 100% of the profits.

* 7 Steps to Success worksheet.

* Proven Success Diagram - Takes you step by step through the process of making money online.

* Instant traffic expert videos, checklist and process maps - These are the key to bringing visitors to your website again and again.

* Free software, worksheets, guides and more.

* 70 minute "Real Money, Real Fast" video - Footage of a dynamic presentation given by Pierce.

* 12 "Google Cash Creators" - Members "Just Add Traffic" to these ready-to-go websites and make money from Google without selling anything.

MRMI Super Cash System members include stay-at-home moms, retired folks, real estate investors, financial planners and people from all walks of life. You don't need to have any computer skills to become a member and to use the tools provided to members.

Click here for more information.

Beware, this offer will end at anytime. Millions of people had jump on board because of its real value!

How to Prevent Your Twitter Account from Being Suspended!


If you are using twitter for your internet business, this topic is particularly important for you! Twitter is a very good tool for your business, but once your account(s) is being suspended, your business will be seriously affected!

Many Twitter gurus don’t warn you with these rules, so you must be aware of this yourself. I was once following methods recommended by certain gurus, but their account had been suspended. I was lucky that I’m able to survive until today.

Below are summaries from my research. For detail, please read here:

If you are doing these with your twitter account, please stop them right now!

1. Create Serial Accounts: Beware! Some marketers teach you to do this so that you can get double or triple sales from Twitter, but be careful of all accounts suspension!

2. Name Squatting: Accounts those are inactive for more than 6 months may be removed without further notice. Those accounts are being created for the purpose of :
•preventing others from using those account names
•selling those accounts
•using feeds of third-party content to update and maintain accounts under the names of those third parties

3. Spam: Don’t use Twitter service to spam anyone. You will be considered as spammers if:

•you have mass followed/ unfollowed other users in a short amount of time, particularly by automated means;

•you repeatedly follow and unfollow people, whether to build followers or to gain more attention for your profile;

•your following is much more than your followers;

•your updates consist mainly of links, and not personal updates;

•you have been blocked by many users

•the number of spam complaints that have been filed against you;

•you post duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account

•you post multiple unrelated updates to a topic using #

•you post multiple unrelated updates to a trending or popular topic

•you send large numbers of duplicate @replies

•you send large numbers of unsolicited @replies in an attempt to spam a service or link

•you repost other user’s content without attribution.

•you have attempted to "sell" followers, particularly through tactics considered aggressive following or follower churn.

4. Pornography: You may not use obscene or pornographic images in either your profile picture or user background.

More readings here:

If unfortunately your Twitter account is getting suspended, read here to learn how to restore your suspended Twitter account...

My Journey to Twitter Dynamics Creation


Product creation is really not an easy job to me. I started my internet marketing journey around half an year ago. I heard about twitter even earlier but I totally don't know how twitter can help in our businesses.

I learn more about twitter from some internet marketing forums such as Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forum. I strongly recommend Warrior Forum because many warriors give solid contents and opinions for the questions you asked. I learned a lot from there.

I started to participate actively in twitter since last two months. I came across different types of twitter products but most of them are focused in adding followers, some of them teach you about the setting of your twitter account and so on. There are really a lot of great people with tons of followers.

From my observation and researches, people can get tons of followers because of these few reasons:
1. They are famous politician, CEO, singers etc..
2. They are expert in blogging, SEO, traffic generation and other internet marketing related field
3. They use software to help them to gain followers

I start to think...Who am I??
Why they want to follow me??
How can I get targeted followers for my business?
How can I grab other people's attention in twitter?
How can I become famous in twitter?

So I start to find ways and answers for my questions above...

After two months of hard work, I manage to get around 7K followers. Twitter Dynamics is my first "How to" product from me and my joint venture partner in twitter. You see, you can even get your joint venture partner for your product creation! Isn't this fantastic?!

I put in all my helpful researches and findings in Twitter Dynamics. There are five modules all together and also come with audio mp3 for you to listen while read.

One thing very important that you will learn is how to interact with your followers and get their attention everyday you tweet. This is particularly important for your business in future. Many followers with no interaction won't help you much in your internet business.

Since this is my first product, I put an introduction price of $27 only for a limited time. You can buy it from here -->

My Newly Launched Twitter Marketing Product!


Hi, friends

I'm so glad that I finally crack the code of how to use twitter effectively for your business. I manage to get more than 6K of targeted followers without using any software!

This result is not come easy to me for the begining. I use long hours after work to learn and understand how twitter works and why it becomes so famous now. Twitter is one of the best social media on this planet right now!

I did quite a lot of tests in order to attract my followers attention. This is important so that they will take attention on my news. If I have 6K of followers, they will know what is happening on me when I send out a tweet.

Imagine this for your business. Now you have one new product or promotion, you want to let everybody know. Twitter can help you to spread the news to your followers in few minutes time only. You just need to sent out a tweet to let them know. If you want to popularize your products or services, you can send out more tweets but not too much.

I had put all my researches and study in my ebook here. The most important thing that you need to learn here is how to tweet and get your followers attention. I put some exercises for you to practice and learn effectively. Just follow what are being taught in my eBook and you can get a lot of followers attention and grow your business effectivey!

There are a lot more goodies you can get from my eBook. So, check it out now for the best introduction price! You can't get anywhere else right now.

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How to Start Internet Business at Zero Cost Using Twitter (Part 2)


Why we can start an online business using twitter?

Many people still can’t get a clue with this question. By using twitter, you are actually building your personality online. You can change yourself from nobody to somebody recognized by other people in this planet. Twitter is great because it is FREE and tons of internet marketers are using it. Use twitter to learn and share your experience or opinion with others.

Here are the simple 7 steps to get hundreds of followers in Twitter in 2 weeks or less!

Here is how I start with my new twitter account. It’s really simple, no secret. It’s all about taking solid action! I manage to get 500 followers within three days only! And I just keep on repeating the task every two or three days now.

Step 1 – Go to and register an account. Remember to put a name that can represent you, the best is your real name. Then upload a photo of yourself.

Step 2 – Log in to your twitter account and make 3 or 4 tweets about yourself. Be friendly.

Step 3 - Go to to find the people those share similar interests with you, for example “Online Marketing” or “Twitter”. Again, this is FREE.

Step 4 - Once you manage to find the persons those you are interested in, let say Elvin Tiong (it’s me :P), simply click on them and then start to follow them.You may click on a max 400 per day otherwise twitter will think you are a bot, and your account can be suspended. Repeat this process for the next 5 or 6 days until you reach your maximum 2000 folowing.

Step 5 - Wait for few days for the people to follow you back. Tweet some interesting posts in your account.

Step 6 - Go to and follow the instructions. This site will tell you who you are following and who's following you. And this service is FREE also. You can then unfollow those who aren't following you.

Step 7 - Go back to step 3 and add more followers. Rinse and repeat the process.

It’s pretty simple, right? So, go ahead and join twitter now! You are on your way to build a home business online!

Follow me!

Re: Not Only You Want To Make Money Online, You Want It By Tomorrow Right? By Patric Chan


Do you believe that someone without any internet marketing experience can make money online in less than a week?

You see, I'm a strong believer that it's ALWAYS important to build an internet business that can generate income-- not just about making money online.

And as a matter of fact, I get annoyed when anyone asks me a question like...

"Can you teach me how to make money online in a week?"

In my mindset, its 'hard' to make money online for a newbie and it'll take at least 6 weeks to get on the right track. I even think that it's already 'wrong' in the first place to have that kind of silly hope.

**BUT**... I realized how I'm shutting myself and my client's possibilities because I'm being a Smart Alec. I'm being ignorant. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make money online without spending the time to learn and putting effort, AND wanting to see income in your Paypal within a couple of days.

It is possible and I can prove it to you. No list, no product, no JVs, no nothing.

The only concern is this-- you just got to know how to differentiate a real business and the process of making money online.

An internet business is a platform to make money online. But making money online does not mean you have an internet business.

When you want to make money on the internet, there are two ways to go about it.

The first one is to build a real internet business as mentioned earlier. In this method, normally, you'll select the niche market based on your current expertise, what you like or if it's your hobby. The strategy for this is to dominate the sub-niche of the pursued niche market and grow it 'deep'.

Or build an internet business based on your million-dollar idea like the next or something.

The other one is to break the 'rule' of building a real business by setting up as many 'income generators' as you can on the internet. For instance, putting up ads to promote affiliate programs. As you can see, this is really quick because it doesn't require any product creation or even a website.

The game for this is simple too-- the more you can put up on the internet, the higher the chance of success and the richer you'll be. The internet marketing game is very simple to play- the more 'presence' you can have on the internet, the more money you'll start to see.

The good thing about this method compared to the first one is you have minimal risk and you'll start seeing income as you go along.

BUT THERE'S A PROBLEM-- you desperately need speed. If you don't use software or hire people to do the mechanical work for you, you just can't put up enough 'income generators' on the internet. My point is, forget about this option if you're going to do manually - it's just too much work.

But the ultimate business strategy is to combine both options.

Here's how it works - send traffic to the affiliate program by using Google Adwords and see how many clicks you can get. In some profitable niches, you can get thousands of clicks at dirt cheap.

If this is happening, then you should start diverting these visitors to your own landing page (instead of sending the traffic directly to the affiliate program) and get them to subscribe into your list. Bam. Now you get to promote the same affiliate program to your list as many times as you want and keep on promoting other products for maximum profit.

If you're getting good commission for a particular affiliate program and you kind of like that niche market, you can consider creating your own product to sell then.

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After marketing online for the past 5 years and spoken in 11 countries as an authority of internet marketing, Patric Chan has uncovered a proven system how you can make money online as fast as in a week or less. He used to sell The Instant Sale Secrets System for $97 but now he’s giving it away for 100% FREE at HERE!

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Set a Goal For Your Twitter Account


Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites at the present time. It is good for you to establish new connections and build new relationships with friends from all over the world. Twitter users use this site to send brief message to their friends and see their friends’ tweets in order to know what their friends are doing now.

Anybody can register a twitter account for free. But before you do so, ask yourself why you need it? I saw many twitter users register an account just because their friends ask them to do so. They abandon their account and never update again after their first registration. Since it is a micro-blogging service (according to Wikipedia), you need to update it for your followers as they like to know what are you doing now.

There are few reasons of why people use twitters nowadays?
1. Stay in touch with their old friends
2. Make new friends from whole over the world
3. Share interests or hobbies with each other
4. Share working experience with people in same field
5. Improve their social life
6. Get in touch with customers of their products, complaints or feedbacks
7. Try to let other people know about their businesses, services or proucts
8. Send people to read their blog posts
9. Sharing their economical or political view
10. For internet business purposes

You need to set a goal first before you join twitter so that you won’t waste your time there. Twitter is a very interesting site, you can enjoy the fun with it, but you can also transform it into your FREE business tool.

How to Start Internet Business at Zero Cost Using Twitter


In Twitter, you can get and follow people in your same niche. Those people are your potential customers or can be your future JV partners. You can use twellow to get targeted people to follow. This is a FREE twitter API.

Twellow is really simple to use. If you are in internet marketing niche, you can search for people's profile such as affiliate, blogger, internet business, SEO, internet marketing, viral marketing, list building etc. After you manage to get those people, be generous to follow them, and understand what they are doing.

Most of the people are generous to follow you back. Upon getting those followers, start to build your relationship with them. You can ask some questions about their businesses, their hobbies, what they are doing now etc. Of cause, you are welcomed to share with them your business also. However, you are not welcomed to keep asking them to buy products from you.

It is wise for you to share your experience first about the products those you are recommending. Any good or bad doesn't matter, as long as it is your honest comment.

From time to time, you can find people using twellow and follow them. Make interesting tweets so that other people will start to get interested with you. Find good products for your followers, the best thing is giving away FREE products first.

So, if you got my FREE report at, you are welcomed to share this FREE report to your followers. I tried myself and it really works. Your followers no need to pay a single cent to this FREE report.

All right, go ahead today to build your twitter empire and start your publicity work. You will success one day!

Ps: It is adviced to use your own real photo in twitter. People don't like to follow unknown person.

How to Public Yourself to the World Using the Power of Twitter


I am exploring twitter recently. For those who are new to twitter may ask what is it? Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables users to send and read each others' updates, known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters, displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to other users - known as followers - who have subscribed to them. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access.

There are around 800 million users in twitter nowadays, WOW! Twitter provides really good service to connect people from whole over the world to share their thoughts, questions and opinions, and their services.You can also get very good resources there, and if you are lucky enough, many good services or products are FREE also.

If you are new to internet marketing world, you may find yourself difficult to get involved or known by other people. If you want to start a business on internet, it will be good for you to know more people in your same niche and let more people to know about you also. You need to public yourself more.

So, you may ask why do you need to do that? The reason is simple, people don't like to buy products from a stranger. If they know you, and you provide helps to them, they will trust you more and will probably buy the products recommended by you. Of cause, you need to build a good relationship with your followers first.

There are many tools associated with twitter those will help you to get your followers faster and more targeted. I will share those tools in my future posts. The good news is, many of the tools are FREE. You can use the tools to automate some of the twitter functions.

Start your twitter today for FREE!

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How to Earn Money Online Easily


Has any internet marketer taught you how he earned his first dollar online?
And the more interesting part is how to earn money online EASILY!

I was glad to meet with this guy, Alok Jain, and he taught me a real skill
that he himself is still using it until now. This is a factual skill that you can
put into practice start from today until the rest of your life.
So, do you think it is worth to pay under 10 bucks for a skill that can earn
you few hundreds or thousands online in future?

Invest your money in a proven skill here!

Here are some things that you can learn from the report:
1. Simple and effective way to make money online
2. Earns in affiliate commissions without spending a penny on advertising
3. Where to find good, inexpensive affiliate products
4. How to earn money in forums
5. How to create smart signatures
6. How to get maximum exposure in forums
7. How to answer to questions that you don't know the answer actually
8. Do and don'ts in forum participation
9. Analyze, rinse and repeat your works for maximum profits.
Don't waste time for unproductive forums.
10.Cover your investment and start to profit after two sales only!

Extra tips for you:
1. Invest in the report and join as an affiliate and start to sell this report to cover your investment.

Here's your 10 bucks report!

2. If you don't know how to sell, here is how X-EasyProfits can help you.
Follow these steps:
i. Join as an affiliate of X-EasyProfits here if you haven't:

ii. Fill in the "website URL" column with your affiliate link of Alok Jain's report.
iii. Give away X-EasyProfits for free
(remember to use your affiliate link of X-EasyProfits)
iv. Your referrals will be redirected to this 10 bucks report after
they have signed up.
v. You can probably make sales easily because this report is cheap.

vi. Even you don't make any sale unluckily, you also lock yourself
with the benefits of X-EasyProfits for one year!
vii.Read through X-EasyProfits report again to discover the benefits.

(Remember, you can promote any product with X-EasyProfits)

Ok, take solid action to learn and practice everyday or else you won't success.
You are on your jouney to success online!

Success quote:
Victory belongs to the most persevering!
- Napoleon


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